Your Guide to Avoiding Weight Loss Slow Downs

by Weight Loss Doctor: Richard Lipman MD

Weight loss doctor in Miami, Dr Richard Lipman shows you the secrets to avoiding normally occurring weight loss plateaus. Most individuals who have lost weight, only to regain it later, know it’s easier to lose weight than to keep it off. Why is this so difficult and what are the causes of the slowdowns and  partial reversals found in all weight loss plans:

Decrease in metabolism and energy expenditure with weight loss.
2.Reduction in muscles mass and basal metabolism as weight decreases.
3.Increased hunger causes more food intake-fullness is often hard to achieve after weight loss.
4.Calorie burning with exercise is dependent on current body  weight.
5. Craving are increased with weight loss.

The graph below shows you a typical weight loss plateau, some of the causes and what to do about it.

Weight Loss Plateaus Chart

Note in the figure above the 7 causes of weight loss plateaus and some suggestions on how to get off the plateau. Notice the gradual reduction in metabolic rate with weight loss. Also  that weight loss reduces calorie burning from all weight dependent exercise.  All of these issues explain both weight loss plateaus and difficulty with weight maintenance seen in the majority of dieters.

Controlling cravings and reducing alcohol are some of the methods to reverse the decrease in metabolism seen with weight loss in addition to  reducing hunger.

Weight loss slowdowns are very frustrating for most dieters who carefully follow a diet, limit  carbs and exercise only to see their weight stay the same or actually go up. To avoid this frustration, many overweight individuals, especially with diabetes or thyroid disorder seek the care of a board certified weight loss doctor  such as Dr Lipman for help.