Nuts, Seeds, Oils: Can Add Unwanted Calories

Olive Oil, Nuts, Seeds, and Salad Dressings: Very High Calories with Difficult Portion Control Nuts, seeds and oils which are part of the Mediterranean region has gathered an immense appeal among Americans. Fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, beans, nuts, and last [...]

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Small Lunch= Fast Weight Loss

Smaller Meal at Lunch-Larger Meal at Dinner Results in Fast, Effortless Weight Loss Most of my patients naturally assume that their weight gain is due to snacking and food choices or portion sizes at dinner. Although this may be [...]

Weight Loss Doctor Miami Solves Diet Plateaus

Your Guide to Avoiding Weight Loss Slow Downs by Weight Loss Doctor: Richard Lipman MD Weight loss doctor in Miami, Dr Richard Lipman shows you the secrets to avoiding normally occurring weight loss plateaus. Most individuals who have lost weight, [...]

LoCarb Diets for Vegans

Vegetarian/Vegan Weight Loss: Difficult Because of High Carbs in Most Vegetarian Plans Low carb vegetarian diets are often difficult for many vegetarians.  The general accepted definition of a vegetarian is an individual who does not eat protein from animals, including [...]

Miami Restaurants with Lighter Meals

Healthy Eating in Miami Restaurants Using the Lighter Menus, Find Low Carb Products Thousands of Miami and South Florida residents, like millions of Americans, are fighting the obesity epidemic. The need to watch what you eat at Miami restaurants is [...]

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