Telemedicine Weight Loss:  800 Calorie HCG Diet from Dr. Lipman

Telemedicine  Virtual  800 Calorie HCG Diet Plan from Dr. Lipman offers a chance for patients seeking rapid & safe weight loss with the HCG diet to  interact with an experienced weight loss physician who has treated thousands of patients with the traditional and updated  800 calorie HCG Weight Loss Plan.  The HCG weight loss plan began more than 70 years ago in Italy, by endocrinologist Dr Simeons. His original plan was based on is research in India right after World War 2. He discovered that the HCG hormone, produced by the placenta in pregnant women could help non-pregnant women lose weight by mobilizing fat from deposits all over the body. The original 500 Calorie HCG Diet has been modified over the years as new concepts and low carb food products were developed.

800 Calorie Update of Dr Simeons Plan by Dr. Lipman

Dr. Lipman updated Dr Simeons original 500 calorie HCG Diet with his New 800 Calorie HCG Die in 2012 and has continued to update and refine the plan The last updated with many added products was in late 2021.  Since 2010 Dr Lipman has published 4 books about the HCG diet, his most recent, the New 800 Calorie HCG Diet  updates the original Simeons 500 calorie HCG Diet with current  low carb products.  In doing such he eliminated some of the outdated  Simeons concepts such as 2 day bingeing, restricting vitamins and supplements, and automatic stop points. The results have been a successful, effective and very safe weight loss plan that has been used by thousands of people all over the country.

On Line WEIGHT LOSS PLANS: Accepted & Successful Weight Loss

A staggering 80% of American adults were overweight in 2019, with 38% of men and 40% of women diagnosed with obesity.  Many people that need to lose weight have difficulties finding an experienced physician. The recent Covid-19 epidemic has further increased the need for a simple weight loss plan as well as making personal access to experienced physicians difficult.
Telemed Health Programs  or  Virtual medical visits, also called E-Visits are increasingly recognized as having distinct advantages over traditional approaches for delivery of medical care for patients and physicians.   It solves the problems of too many patients and too few providers.  

vitual weight loss plans very successful results

Patient satisfaction surveys of those receiving online care are showing very positive results. The Annals of Family Medicine conducted a limited, patient survey gauging patient satisfaction with results indicating those surveyed citing ease and convenience of a telehealth appointment and cost.
In addition to convenience and ease of care, recent studies have reported successful weight loss and weight  maintenance using virtual weight loss encounters.


On Line Telemed HCG Diet  Offers a Unique Personalized Weight Loss Plan

Telemed HCG Diet was designed by Dr. .Lipman specifically using  on-line presentations of HCG concepts, food menus, shopping for products as well as discussion of HCG drops vs. injections as well as different fortified HCG oral preparations. Supervised by Dr. Richard Lipman MD, a personalized HCG Diet Program starts off with the completion of an on-line New Patient Form. Medical and dietary history,  medical problems and well as previous weight loss attempts are reviewed.

Dr. Lipman reviews what plans have worked in the past as well as what medications might have been prescribed. The patient is encouraged to describe his typical daily food and beverage consumption especially under stressful periods of his life. Emphasis is on reducing high impact carbs such as rice, pasta, potatoes and many snacks that are eliminated as part of  the HCG Diet. Similar to the popular Keto Diet, the 800 Calorie HCG diet reduces high impact carbs and increases protein. Unlike the Keto Diet fat is also limited. The addition of the HCG hormone increases fat burning, reduces appetite ensuring weight loss success.

Two unique concepts are presented in Dr .Lipman Virtual Office visit that are not available in any standard physician-patient encounter: 

  1. The patient’s ability to remotely record the full meeting. The recording includes questions and answers between Dr. Lipman and the patient simultaneously with Dr .Lipman computer screen where food menus, new products and medications choices are presented. This can be saved to the viewer’s hard drive or the cloud and reviewed after the E-Visit.
  2. In addition, the viewer has the ability to have the whole meeting transcribed. for review after the meeting.

Preview of Virtual HCG Diet from Dr Lipman