Telemed Weight Loss Programs: How to Join from Anywhere in the US

Telemed Weight Loss Program on line with Dr. Lipman is similar to any other medical encounter. You will start by calling Dr. Lipman’s medical office at 305-670-3259 (office is open 9 am-4:30 PM EST) and ask about his virtual weight loss plans. Dr. Lipman’s staff will review the program including who is eligible, the initial and follow up visits, the food plan, and the possible need for FDA approved weight loss medications including oral medication and the new GLP-1 weekly injections of Ozempic, Wegovy, Zepbound and Mounjaro.

The cost of the plan including initial visit, medications, and follow-up visits will be discussed. An Internet connection using a smartphone, tablet or computer will be needed as well as an accurate scale and blood pressure cuff. Zoom Meeting rooms are used. In addition, the staff will review the need for home measurement of blood pressure and the possible need for blood tests for thyroid and metabolism tests, if they have not been done recently. Telemedicine visits can offer as much or even more than traditional office visits. A video preview of the Telemed program  is available to review the program before and after the encounter.

Telemed Weight Loss Requirements

Initial Steps to Complete New Patient Information Forms

If you would like to proceed by making an appointment, the staff will guide you to links to a privacy protected website where you will complete an online NEW PATIENT form. This includes weight, medical and dietary histories as well as previous weight loss experiences on various diets and medications. You can email it back to the office without printing it out.

Scheduling Your Telemed Weight Loss Appointment with Dr. Lipman On Line

Once our office receives your completed forms, we will call you to schedule an appointment. You will be asked for a credit card number at this time. The card will not be used, nor will it charged until the staff speaks with you after your appointment. You will receive another email the day before your appointment which will link to the Zoom visit. You are encouraged to have your current weight and current blood pressure ready, along with any questions you have before your visit. Please end any recent blood test results.

Your Telemed Weight Loss Appointment

During your visit with Dr. Lipman, you will have an interactive conversation about your health, weight, and medical history. You and Dr. Lipman will decide the best weight loss program for you as well as weight loss medication you might need after reviewing your medical history together during the Telemed weight loss meeting. Dr. Lipman will help you chose the best food plan and medication for your personal circumstances.
After Your Telemed Weight Loss Appointment

1. Weight Loss Materials and FDA Approved Medications
After the visit, the office staff will call you to confirm the mailing address, confirm the information and medications Dr. Lipman prescribed. Hard copies of Dr. Lipman’s weight loss program, daily food menus, pamphlets, and shopping lists will be sent to you along with the bottle of medications. This will be mailed to you via Priority USPS Mail, which means you should receive it in 2-3 days. You are free to upgrade to overnight delivery or even pick up your order in our office the same or the next day.

2. Recording Telemed Weight Loss Visit
Within 2 hours of your visit, our office will send you a link to the Zoom cloud recording of your office visit at which time you can review the recording of the weight loss visit with Dr. Lipman. You are also free to record the Zoom meeting on your own smartphone, tablet, or computer. All you need to do is to click, “Record the Visit” on the Zoom Screen.

3. Download More Information About Your Weight Loss Plan

1. Download Dr. Lipman’s Miami Diet App from Apple or Google, search: “Richard Lipman” You can view it on your smartphone or at on your PC. You can review all of Dr. Lipman’s weight loss plans, shopping lists, restaurants, recipes, daily food menus, and most important links to Amazon Prime and other On-line shopping sites.

2. You can view all of the screenshots you viewed with Dr. Lipman as Google documents:

3. View immediately Dr. L’s narrated review of important screenshots:

4. Review how to use Dr.Lipman’s Weight Loss APP: (0 is a zero)

4. Dr. Lipman has an extensive weight loss web site at This includes free downloads of many weight loss issues.

5. Dr. Lipman has written 10 booklets on weight loss and weight loss medications. They are all available on

On line Support From Dr. Lipman

The office is can help you between visits with Dr. Lipman. Follow-up virtual visits are scheduled at a frequency that best supports you to reach your goals. Sometimes every week, every two weeks, or once a month.