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Telemedicine Weight Loss consultations are one-on-one virtual office visits with Dr. Richard Lipman, a board-certified internist, endocrinologist, and weight loss specialist. Online doctor weight loss, or more formally, medical weight loss online, enables you to achieve measurable results with a doctor’s guidance.

Dr. Lipman’s online weight loss clinic focuses on developing a personalized weight loss program for you. We believe you deserve better than a YouTube video to help you reach your goals!

Telemedicine Weight Loss

Online Medical Weight Loss Programs from Dr. Lipman

Dr. Richard Lipman has treated more than 40,000 patients with metabolic and weight control problems in his medical office in Miami, FL. He has adapted all of his in-office weight loss materials for online delivery. Dr. Lipman will show you how to download all of his food menus and diet plans from his website and from a specially designed weight loss app. The app provides instant references and links to shopping for hard to find weight loss products.

In your first telemedicine weight loss visit, Dr. Lipman will review your medical and dietary history with you. During your Zoom or virtual weight loss doctor visit, you and Dr. Lipman will design a weight loss plan based on your personal needs including food menus, shopping lists, exercise suggestions, and obesity medications. Blood tests for metabolism and weight loss medications are added when necessary.

How Dr. Lipman Offers Telemedicine Weight Loss in Florida and Throughout the United States

Telemedicine weight loss visits are one-on-one online appointments between you and Dr. Lipman, supplemented by online images, diagrams, and short videos that appear on the shared screen. This personal encounter lasts 45 minutes for new patients and 20 minutes for returning patients. Images of food menus, shopping lists, and medication instructions are recorded during the appointment. You can download the recording from Google Docs or the Zoom Cloud immediately after the virtual weight loss doctor visit!

More extensive weight loss materials including pamphlets and medications are mailed overnight to the patient making it even easier than going to a pharmacy. You now have the ability to review all of the information presented by Dr. Lipman after the video call. This technology presents a breakthrough in weight loss program that is not even available in an office visit!

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Growing Popularity of Telehealth Online Doctor Visits

Telemedicine First VisitTelemedicine, online doctor visits, and video conferencing have been available for a few years. The spread of the COVID-19 virus in the spring of 2020 was responsible for technical advances, acceptance, and their growing popularity. Physicians and patients have discovered that many medical weight loss office visits can be done safely and efficiently online. In addition, Telemedicine Weight Loss online appointments save time, travel, and money, and allow you to avoid busy medical offices accompanied by interruptions, delays, and exposure to sick patients. Patients and physicians alike appreciate these encounters. Examples of non-emergency health problems that are particularly efficient with telemedicine are diabetes, hypertension, and especially weight loss.

Advantages of Telemedicine Weight Loss from Dr. Lipman

Online Doctor Weight Loss

Using a private and secure portal, Dr. Lipman conducts a face to face virtual office encounter with patients desiring to lose weight. Three features of his online weight loss clinic make it equal or even superior to a personal office visit:

Dr. Lipman’s telemedicine weight loss visits provide not only the ability for Dr. Lipman and you to see each other but also permits you both to share your computer screen. This allows Dr. Lipman to share PowerPoint presentations, videos, and images with you. All of Dr. Lipman’s weight loss plans, food menus, medication instructions, diet products and shopping lists have been converted to this format and can be shared with the patient in real-time. The patient can take screen shots of the food menus, medication information as they are presented. The patient can even download them from the accompanying Weight Loss App.

This takes doctor-patient interaction far beyond the simple face-to-face meeting of earlier telemedicine visits, which were not much better than a phone call. You can share recent laboratory tests, a list of medications, and even previous medical reports from your PCP with Dr. Lipman. These virtual weight loss doctor visits occur in real-time. You can use a smartphone, tablet, or even better, the large screen of a laptop or desktop computer.

Going one step further, Dr. Lipman’s Telemedicine Weight Loss visits can be recorded in their entirety by simply clicking “RECORD THIS MEETING” on the bottom of the screen. That means you can save a complete copy of the meeting as a video file on your phone, tablet, or hard drive – or it can be stored in the cloud for future reference. No more struggling to remember details of the conversation; it’s just a click or tap away!

You can get automatic transcription of your telemedicine weight loss consultation with Dr. Lipman. That allows you to review the printed script for information you may have missed during the appointment. This is a free feature of the Zoom Meeting Room. It is ideal for a weight loss plan where there are steps and instructions to follow.

Dr. Lipman’s Four Telemedicine Weight Loss Plans

Online doctor weight loss is presented by Dr. Lipman. He has taken four of his personalized weight loss plans and adapted them for his online weight loss clinic using the Zoom platform. You are free to choose the diet plan that best meets your weight loss goals and food preferences. No matter which weight loss plan and medication you select, Dr. Lipman’s background in Endocrinology and his 40 years of experience will help you to quickly reach your goals. You are encouraged to review all of the plans and weight loss medications on this site,, before your visit. They include:

Not the Usual Online Diet Plans!

Many prospective patients are very leery that an online doctor weight loss plan can as successful as a traditional face to face medical encounter. They expect that the information will be a generic “YouTube lecture” intended for someone casually seeking to lose weight, followed by a series of standard recipes, menus, and shopping lists to download. Every viewer would see the same images and data, and follow the same plan. That’s not the case with Dr. Lipman’s online weight loss clinic!

Dr. Lipman’s Diet App Guides You on Your Weight Loss Journey

Dr. Lipman’s plan is interactive and designed to help you discover the causes of your personal weight gain. Smarter food choices are presented using images and videos which link to the Amazon Prime pages for easy purchase. Shopping is encouraged online using Dr. Lipman’s Diet App.  The App provides quick references to his weight loss menus, questions, restaurant menus, takeout food facilities, and direct links to the best weight loss products on, supermarkets, and other online stores.

Telemedicine Weight Loss Plan Viewed on Screen Share

Food Menus

Here is a typical page from the Food Menu showing the best low calorie, low carb snacks. Sharing the interactive screen you can see Dr. Lipman and his new patient discussing the alternate food choices for snacks available in the weight loss plan. Dr. Lipman is moving the cursor and demonstrating the food selections to replace the high-calorie potato chips this patient has been eating. Dr. Lipman points out the Quest High Protein Chips, which come in small 120 calorie bags and contain 4 grams of carbs and 18-20 grams of protein, are a great alternative to high calorie and high carb potato chips.

At home, the dieter then opens Dr. Lipman’s Weight Loss App and clicks on Amazon Low Carb Chips from the menu on the app screen (image below on left). This links to the product page on the APP for low carb chips as seen in the center image below. Clicking on the Quest Chips (red arrow below) links to the Amazon Prime Page as seen in the image below on the right. The patient enters their Amazon account and password and the product is delivered in 1 or 2 days. Easy!

Telemedicine Diet App: Chips
Telemedicine Amazon Shopping
Virtual Diet Doctor App

Weight Loss Telemedicine Phentermine

Telemedicine treatments for obesity include food menus indicating the best food choices for each meal as well as medications that increase metabolism and decrease appetite and cravings. Dr. Lipman prescribes all 8 of the FDA approved medications for obesity including:

  1. Phentermine: Adipex, Fastin and generic phentermine
  2. Tenuate and Diethylpropion
  3. Qsymia
  4. Contrave
  5. Xenical
  6. Saxenda
  7. Phendimetrazine (similar to phentermine)
  8. Wegovy
  9. Plenety

The most common of these medications include phentermine and Qsymia. Phentermine has been available since the early 1980’s and has track records of effectiveness and safety for the reduction in appetite. It works by affecting brain chemicals responsible for hunger.

Qsymia is another effective weight loss medication prescribed by Dr. Lipman via his Telemedicine practice. It’s a combination of phentermine and Topamax. Each of these medications act on different areas of the brain to reduce cravings and hunger.

Dr. Lipman’s Online Weight Loss Clinic – Preview Video (6 min)

In this preview of a real online doctor weight loss appointment, you will see not only the unusual concepts of Dr. Lipman’s weight loss plans but more importantly how he provides it in his online weight loss clinic. The interaction between the patient and Dr. Lipman with the extensive screen images and links is clearly seen in this preview video. All of the hard to find low calorie/low carb products are linked from the Zoom meeting or Dr. Lipman’s App to the proper Amazon Prime page for easy purchase.

Dr. Lipman’s Online Doctor Weight Loss Plans Offer a Novel Solution to the Growing Obesity Problem

Dr. Lipman has observed a 20 lb. weight gain in many of his patients during the COVID-19 crisis. He has adapted his 4 Weight Loss Plans to prevent the weight gain people are seeing with lock-downs, difficulty shopping, lack of exercise, and severe stress that everyone all over the world is encountering.

He offers new food choices and secrets to limit portions of highly palatable and pleasing (high carb) foods. Dr. Lipman’s App gives you direct links to the best choices online at Amazon Prime and other online food suppliers. He even offers suggestions on using Instacart for Publix and Whole Foods as well as Amazon Fresh. You can use Dr. Lipman’s newly updated app for quick guidelines, products, and most importantly, links to immediate purchase.

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