Telehealth Weight Loss Online: Smart Phone/PC & Diet APP

Telehealth Weight Loss APP Online uses a smart Phone or PC to access the Zoom Meeting room of Dr. Lipman as well as Dr. Lipman’s 
app at

A wide variety of health concerns–respiratory infections, diabetes, hypertension and even obesity can often be safely and effectively addressed through an online visit with a qualified physician. Moreover, the growing problem of obesity in adults and children is one of the medical problems that is very well suited for this kind of interaction. Here are some of the reasons  why online medical visits are so suited for weight loss care . In addition, we list what is needed for  successful on-line weight loss encounters:

Telehealth  Weight Loss:  What’s Needed & Advantages:

 Telehealth Medical Weight Loss Needs Little Equipment:

1. Smart Phone and/or Home Computer:  81% of Americans own a smart phone and 95% of homes have access to a computer.

2. Scale and blood pressure cuff: My experience over the past 9 months reveals that most of my patients already own this equipment. It is supersizing, almost all of the patients I have encountered own a bathroom scale. The newer scales offer not only weight but body fat, lean mass and often resting metabolism and calorie intake. Also, Personal blood pressure cuffs with pulse read-outs are almost as common and  can be purchased for about $20.00.

I stress to my -patients that this equipment will be used over a period of often  6-12 months and is not wasted. In addition, their savings in time, tolls, parking, and gas with on-line visits easily makes up for this small investment.

Telehealth Medical Weight Loss Advantages

Telemedicine encounters between the  physician and the patient have evolved quickly since the onset of the Covid-19 epidemic in March 2020. Regular telephone calls, Skype and even Face-time have given way to  video conferencing with many more interactive abilities. Among the are Zoom Meetings, Doxyme, TelaDoc, SR Telehealth , PatientPop and many others. These services are designed for the physician-patient encounters. Such encounters are an example of “telemedicine” which we believe truly is the future of healthcare.

Zoom Meeting Room Used by Dr. Lipman

The Zoom Meeting  is used by Dr. Lipman and  includes  privacy settings, virtual waiting rooms, chat messaging,  and the ability of the doctor and patient to make a video recording of the meeting and store it for further references. Zoom meetings, like other video conferencing apps even come with features like screen sharing and chat messaging.

Telehealth weight loss APP and visits with our board-certified weight loss physician, Dr. Lipman is done through the Zoom portal. It is  private, secure and very easy to use. It typically involves a video and audio connection. In addition, Dr Lipman uses a Diet APP to offer ongoing information after the Telemed visit. This includes  food menus and choices, shopping lists, weight loss medications. FAQ’s and answers to weight loss problems in real time.

Best Reason to Use the Telemed Weight Loss  APP and the Zoom Meeting

In addition, the App’s most important function is to offer links to weight loss products sold on Amazon, local supermarkets as well as other on-line stores. This ensures easy purchase of diet products. This is important when local shopping is difficult because of Covid crisis or unusual diet products are not available.