Weight Loss Doctor Miami Solves Diet Plateaus

Your Guide to Avoiding Weight Loss Slow Downs by Weight Loss Doctor: Richard Lipman MD Weight loss doctor in Miami, Dr Richard Lipman shows you the secrets to avoiding normally occurring weight loss plateaus. Most individuals who have lost weight, [...]

Maintaining Weight Loss: 3 Important Secrets

New Secrets to Maintaining Weight after Weight Loss Diet The outdated concept that "eating healthy" and "exercise" are the keys to weight maintenance following a weight loss plan may sound good, but it never really works. There are many explanations [...]

Infographic: Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Why Can't I Lose Weight? A common complaint is that a person is dieting (restricting their carbs and calories), exercising, and not losing weight. For most of us this is a very frustrating experience. Dr. Lipman has treated more than [...]

8 Secrets to Get Off the Weight Loss Plateau

The Weight Loss Plateau: Why Does it Occur and What Can You Do? You have watched your diet for weeks, exercised and saw a steady weight loss. Then suddenly it all ends. You are on the weight loss plateau. No [...]

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