Small Lunch= Fast Weight Loss

Smaller Meal at Lunch-Larger Meal at Dinner Results in Fast, Effortless Weight Loss Most of my patients naturally assume that their weight gain is due to snacking and food choices or portion sizes at dinner. Although this may be [...]

Boost Metabolism for Fast Wt Loss

How You Can  Boost Metabolism For Fast Weight Loss Boost metabolism to lose weight quickly. Metabolism is the collection of chemical processes that occur inside of all living organisms in order to sustain life. It has three primary functions: The [...]

Prescription Meds Cause Weight Gain

Prescription Medications Frequent Cause of Weight Gain: Often Overlooked by Most Physicians Prescription medications can cause weight gain . One medications prescribed for one problem can often cause others. Sometimes the side effects from the medication can be worse than [...]

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Low Thyroid, Weight Gain and Endocrinologist

Do You Have a Low Thyroid Causing Problems Losing Weight? Low thyroid causes weight gain. Often termed," under-active thyroid" or hypothyroidism  it is  often the cause of unexpected  weight gain. The greater the degree of hypothyroidism (low thyroid function), the [...]

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