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Do You Need to Lose Weight?

BMI, Body Fat, Waist Circumferences Tells You if  Need to Lose Weight from a Medical Reason Dr Richard Lipman MD--an endocrinologist uses multiple techniques to evaluate obesity. Body Mass Index(BMI,) Body Fat measurements, waist circumferences measurements are among the tools [...]

How to Lose Belly Fat Quickly

Losing Belly Fat  Quickly Is Goal of all of Dr Lipman's Weight Loss Plans Losing fat around the belly is the key to prolonging life and reducing complications from weight gain. Dr. Lipman's weight loss plans, including the Miami Diet [...]

Infographic: Sleep Apnea vs. Obesity: Which Came First?

Sleep Apnea May Due to Obesity Sleep apnea vs. obesity is a dangerous combination. Which came first?   With sleep apnea, sleep is disturbed by intermittent episodes of NO breathing during the night. This leads to less oxygen in the [...]

Physical & Psychological Benefits from Weight Loss

Weight Loss Produces Many Physical and Psychological Benefits Physical & psychological benefits from weight loss are the primary goal of the Miami Diet Plan. Healthy weight loss is more about adapting a healthier lifestyle than it is about just going on [...]

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