New Patients – About Your First Visit

Dr. Lipman always welcomes new patients! Whether you are just beginning your weight loss journey or getting back on the path, he is here to help. Dr. Lipman will cover a lot of ground on your first visit to make sure that together, you and he create the best weight loss plan for your unique needs.

Why am I gaining weight?
Every patient asks me this question, and with good reason. So many people struggle to lose weight but never determine the cause of their weight gain. It’s different for everyone. We will spend at least an hour together on your first visit to answer that question for you. We will determine the causes of your weight gain and develop a personalized weight loss plan. Changing or eliminating the causes of your weight gain are the foundation of both fast weight loss and maintaining that weight loss long-term. Dr Lipman reviews many of the causes of weight gain.

Dr Lipman will show you how weight loss clinics like his office are especially good for keeping the weight off.

Medical History

1. Your  Medical History that You and Dr Lipman Will Review Focuses  The Weight Loss Plan

Do You Have Medical Problems Stopping Weight Loss  Such as Diabetes, Hypertension, or Low Thyroid
Are You Taking Prescription Medications Causing Weight Gain?
Have You Taken Prescription Weight Loss Medication Before?  Were They Successful
Are You Drinking Too Much Alcoholl or have Sleep Apnea Contributing to Your Weigh Gain?
Are You Binge Eating?  Binge eating is often hidden from family and friends. Sometimes the binge eater does not recognize it. Take binge eating questionnaire test.

1. Dr. Lipman will first review your entire medical history and complicating issues to discover any underlying metabolism problems. If you have medical problems such as high blood pressure (hypertension), diabetes, heart disease, or under-active thyroid (hypothyroidism), Dr. Lipman can still create a workable weight loss plan for you. If you are drinking too much alcohol, Dr Lipman will detail the metabolic problems with alcohol and how it causes weight gain in some people and difficulty losing weight in others.

2. You can typically take weight loss medication if you have these medical problems. After all, these problems make weight loss critical to your health and lifespan. After weight loss, people with hypertension and diabetes can often reduce or eliminate the need for medications to treat these issues.

3. Have you lost weight before and then regained the weight? An important issue!  You don’t want to diet again and regain the weight. Dr Lipman will show you how to stop the yo-yo diet forever.

Blood Tests

2. Checking Your Metabolism, Thyroid, Cholesterol and Other Blood Testing

Check Your Metabolism, Thyroid, and Other Important Blood Levels

Your metabolism is the key issue in any weight loss program. I obtain a complete blood analysis including sugars (glucose), minerals, lipid profile (LDL & HDL Cholesterol and Triglycerides), liver function, kidney function, and thyroid function. The evaluation of your thyroid gland is very important. Low thyroid function is a cause of weight gain that makes it extremely difficult to lose it. The measurement of your metabolism includes a TSH and T4 blood test. Dr Lipman offers  a simple metabolism quiz.

Watch a Video About the Causes f Slow Metabolism

If you have had an EKG or blood tests including a CBC, blood chemistry profile, or any of the blood tests mentioned above within the past 3 months, please bring the results with you to your appointment.

Metabolic Profile

3. Baseline Metabolic Profile:  Your Demographics, Calorie Intake, Energy Expenditure BMI, and Body Fat

Dr. Lipman uses specialized software to analyze your information. This includes your height, weight, age, gender, exercise habits, and food you eat. You will get a printout of your BMI, ideal weight, current calories, and the calories, carbs, and protein intake you need to lose weight and maintain your weight loss. We also provide an individual exercise plan.

Why am I gaining weight?

4. Why Am I Gaining Weight? The Question Everyone Needs to Know

Discover the Causes of Your Weight Gain and Your Trigger Foods

Dr. Lipman will help you discover the post important reasons why you are gaining weight. During your hour long one-on-one consultation, Dr. Lipman will show you the 3 most important foods and/or beverages that are causing 80% of your weight gain. Your will see that a few simple changes in what you eat or drink can help you lose as much as 30-100 lbs per year depending on your starting weight, age, metabolism, and medical problems.

Customized Diet Plan

5.Dr Lipman’s 6 Diet Plan

Discover the Weight Loss Plans for Easy and Permanent Weight Loss that is BEST FOR YOU!

Dr. Lipman will start with one of the plans he has used to help thousands of people just like you lose weight and keep it off. These include the Miami Diet Plan (and its variations for Vegetarians/Vegans and Children/Teens), 800 Calorie HCG Diet, Keto Diet, or 2 Day a Week Fasting DietTogether, you and Dr. Lipman will tailor to your needs and tastes the plan that is the best fit for your metabolism and weight loss goals. There are no unusual, specialty foods or recipes, weighing, counting, or complicated points systems. He has designed these weight loss to not only be simple to follow, but also to be something in which your whole family can participate.

Once your labs come back, Dr. Lipman will determine whether you need thyroid medication. He will also decide if weight loss medication will benefit you, and which medication is appropriate for your physiology, current medications, medical conditions, and weight loss goals.

Common First Visit Questions

How Will I Know What to Eat?

Dr. Lipman designed all of the food choices in colorful, pocket-sized meal menus – one for each meal and one for snacks. They show you numerous choices, portions, and preparations. Other cards provide brand and product suggestions to make choosing foods even easier.

What About the Rest of My Family?

This is a plan for the whole family, including spouses, children (as young as 6 years old) and teens. If other members of your family need to lose weight, you are encouraged to bring them in with you on the second visit. This free family consultation will include taking an eating history, discovering their diet secrets, and providing a food plan tailored to their individual needs.

Will I Be Given Prescription Weight Loss Medications?

This depends upon your individual medical history, how many pounds you need to lose, and if you are taking other medications that might interact or interfere with prescription weight loss medication. Read more about the weight loss medications that may help you.

Will Insurance Cover My Visit?

Most insurance does not pay for weight loss plans. Therefore, we do not accept or bill your insurance. We will supply you with a receipt that contains a diagnosis code in order to help you submit a reimbursement claim to your insurance. We can also give you a prescription to go to a laboratory and have them draw the blood and bill your insurance directly. If you have had an EKG or blood tests including a CBC, blood chemistry profile, or any of the blood tests mentioned above within the past 3 months, bring them with you and you will receive a credit. Ask about these services when making an appointment.

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