Maintaining Weight Loss After Diet Program

Why it is so hard to maintain weight loss after diet?

Body weight and Metabolism are very unstable after losing 15# for several reasons:
1. Decreased basal metabolism during all weight loss plans, whether the weight loss is fast or slow.
2. Lower calorie needs and less calories expended during daily activities due to lower body weight.
3. Increase hunger as body fights to regain lost weight.


Three  Secrets To Successfully Keep Your Weight Off:

  1. FOOD/BEVERAGE MISTAKES CAUSING WEIGHT GAIN: Review the 2 or 3 important causes of your weight gain and try to eliminate them permanently.
  2. AEROBIC EXERCISE: 3-4 times a week with goal of burning 400 calories/session. Weight lifting is great for muscle strength but is not aerobic and does not burn significant calories for most people. Too much time is spent changing weights, socializing etc
  3.  SLOWLY TAPPER weight loss medication to support the lowered metabolism and prevent overeating.


maintaining weight after diet plan

maintaining weight after