Americans Are Attacking the Obesity Epidemic All Over the Country: See How

The obesity epidemic is sweeping the world with more than 2.1 billion people overweight or obese. The USA leads the way with 34% obese and 68% overweight

Both men and women worry about their weight and intend to participate in some type of weight loss program:

  • 55% of women concerned with their weight
  • 41% of men concerned
  • 60% of men and women plan to lose 20 lbs. this year.

How often do Americans fail in their attempts to lose weight?
Here are some of the reasons for failure:

  • 30% cannot follow calories when eating out,
  • 22% lack will power to follow a diet, and
  • 15% are simply too busy to diet.

How Americans lose the weight is interesting. Some of the techniques are healthy eating, smaller portions, less sweets, fewer desserts, and less fast food. Regardless of which diet method you choose, each individual has to find a system with which he/she feels comfortable.

How We Fight Obesity Epidemic Infographic

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