The Miami Diet Plan is Unlike any other Diet Program You have ever Tried

  • Finally a straightforward, simple weight loss program for everyone!
  • No counting calories, carbs, fats, or anything else.

  • No complicated points systems

  • No expensive branded meal packages

  • No special shakes, bars, smoothies, or meals

  • No exotic foods, unusual recipes, or restrictive “approved” food lists

  • No rigid eating times or meal schedules

  • How Dr Lipman’s Medical Weight Loss Clinic Ensues Quick Weight Loss and Long Term Maintenance:

    Best Medical weight loss plans are programs  that are designed, supervised, and presented by medical professionals. The medical team  includes a licensed physician, nurse, and dietitian. Dr Lipman’s Miami Diet plan first helps you discard all of the weight loss myths  that have been passed done for generations.  Dr Lipman and his team will teach you how to make the best food choices, make lifestyle changes and avoid behaviors that have caused you to gain weight in the first place.

    On your first office visit, Dr, Lipman reviews all of the causes of  your weight gain–from medical issues like diabetes or low thyroid, to fast food restaurantt eating, insomnia , skipping meals and eating in the evening and night . Even the timing of the meals is important. Dr Lipman shows each patient how weight loss is fast and  easy if  the small meal is at lunch and the larger meal in the evening to ensure only a single large meal a day. Numerous metabolic studies reveal it is what is eaten and not the time of day. Too many people over-concern themselves with not eating late at night. In addition, if needed you may be given FDA-approved weight loss medications.   These medication reduce hunger and cravings while increasing metabolism.
    Dr Lipman’s supervised medical weight loss plan  is personalized to fit your individual needs. The goal is not to just lose weight, but to learn healthy ways to help you in maintaining your weight loss forever.

    Just a few easy diet changes to lose the weight and keep it off!

The Miami Diet Plan consists of a unique food plan and optional prescription weight loss medication. The food part of the plan is not simply low carbs, low fat, organic food, or any other fad diet. Nor is it about counting calories, grams of fat, points or anything else. There is no special shopping or a single recipe in the plan. Rather, it’s simply what has worked year after year for tens of thousands of individuals I have treated; people just like you who have successfully lost weight and kept the weight off. Here is what these successful dieters do in my practice and in the literature:

  • They eliminate a few target foods such as sugary drinks, fast foods, and bad snacks.
  • They rarely skip breakfast
  • Almost all eat a small lunch.
  • All of them prevent hunger and cravings later in the day with multiple good snacks.

What they did not do was eat special foods, count calories, carbs, fat grams, or anything else.

Patient Success Stories on Miami Diet Plan

I lost 70 pounds and 15 inches in five months on Dr. Lipman’s Miami Diet Plan and I never felt better! Wow! I could never have imagined such possibilities. I was teased, picked on and laughed at because I was overweight just about my whole life. My self esteem was nonexistent and the more I gained, the more I ate. Finally my family doctor told me that my difficulty walking was due to tendinitis in my feet from being overweight. I decided it was time to do something about it.

I had been too many doctors and weight loss centers before a friend of mine told me about Dr. Lipman and the Miami Diet Plan. Dr. Lipman showed me the three main reasons I had been gaining weight. It was not lack of exercise – it was the so called healthy nuts and seeds, juices and the whole wheat pasta that I ate large bowls of thinking it was healthy. All along I thought I had a mental condition. I did not; I simply ate many of the wrong foods. I am living proof that the Miami Diet Plan is a safe, personalized system and a wholesome diet food plan — truly effective. The bad choices have been taken away and now I focus on the positive choices. I think of each day as an opportunity for success.

Alberto R., Miami, FL

Dr. Lipman has been very helpful to me. I have dieted all my life, with my weight going up and down. I first meet Dr. Lipman when my husband starting going to him. I went along so I could be supportive and not sabotage my husband’s weight loss efforts. The first month, my husband lost 20 pounds and my dieting efforts resulted in 2 pounds. I decided to use Dr. Lipman as well. I was able to lose 30 pounds and have kept it off for over 2 years. (My husband lost 60 pounds.)

In the past, when I would visit a doctor I would often feel frustrated because the physician would give unrealistic advice, never understanding how hard it is to diet successfully. “Just eat less, exercise more.” Dr. Lipman was amazing, I didn’t feel as if I was a lazy person, or a failure if I didn’t meet a weight loss target goal. Instead he helped identify a problem and ways to move forward. He was great at giving tips on how to overcome plateaus in the weight loss process, giving tricks and tips to manage your food when you go out with friends or to restaurants, and how to keep the weight off. But most importantly I always felt that he was very supportive and interested in my success.

Catherine B., Palmetto Bay, FL

In my job, I patrol the Florida Turnpike and end up sitting in my car and cruiser for more than 12 hours a day! When I first Dr. Lipman I weighed more than 250 lbs and was gaining 30 lbs a year. Some of the weight gain was due to my change in assignment and the need to commute over 60 miles one way to get to my new station.

I had to stop working out because I simply did not have the time. Mandatory overtime did not help. Dr. Lipman asked me first to describe my eating habits. I told him I had only a cup of coffee for breakfast because I was not hungry and in a hurry in the early morning. I then had several cans of Pepsi during the morning and afternoon which I kept in a cooler I carried in the car. Often I could not eat lunch Until 2 or 3 pm when I pulled into burger restaurant at the rest stop and ordered a double hamburger with cheese, large French Fries and a large regular soda. I buy a snack or two for the driving. My wife makes me a healthy dinner of protein, carbs and salads.

The most important reasons for my weight gain were the sodas, skipping breakfast and the fast food lunches. I lost 20 lbs over the first 3 or 4 weeks on Dr. Lipman’s plan. I hope to continue my weight loss with all of the new foods I found in Dr. Lipman’s plan.

Bill S., Florida State Trooper, West Palm Beach, FL

Medical Weight Loss in Miami by Dr. Lipman, Endocrinologist

Medical Weight Loss is physician supervised from the first day to the end by board certified internist and endocrinologist Dr. Richard Lipman M.D.   When you make an appointment, no matter which of my diet plans we find works best for you, you get a complete evaluation to determine any medical reasons for your weight gain. That includes a review of your medical history, diet history, current health problems, blood levels, thyroid function, current medications, body fat measurement, and metabolic profile. With this information we not only figure out your target foods, we can address any medical issues that are making weight loss difficult for you.

Miami Diet Plan and FDA Approved Prescription Weight Loss Medication

The second part of the Miami Diet Plan can include combining the simple food plan with an FDA approved weight loss medication. Whether to add weight loss medication to your plan is dependent on your weight loss goals, current medications, metabolism, and medical necessity. Many overweight people can lose all the weight they want with some simple food changes.

The majority, however, need the help of increased metabolism, appetite, and craving control achieved with prescription weight loss medication. Dr Lipman’s extensive experience, having treated over 40,000 people in the past 40 years, helps him match the “right medication” with the “right” metabolic problem to achieve fast, healthy and safe weight loss without any side effects. Medications for weight loss are extensively described in this web site. Watch a video about the medical weight loss medications.

What’s to Eat on the Miami Diet Plan

In the Miami Diet Plan, you first identify and then eliminate the personal food triggers that have caused most of your weight gain. You will adopt the same techniques employed by thousands of individuals who have lost substantial amounts of weight. These people have continued with those techniques and maintained their new weights over a long period without even realizing it. They are simple changes and that is why they can work for you. If necessary, we can significantly reduce your hunger and cravings with a prescription appetite suppressant. This gives you a chance to learn how to make better food choices without the pressure of constant cravings for problem foods.

Why Chose Dr Lipman’s Medical Weight Loss in Miami

  • It is personal.  One of the primary benefits to this type of program is that it is completely personalized for you.
  • It is supervised. You don’t have to worry you are not eating correctly, not working out enough, or investing in unproven remedies.  The environment is non-judgmental and accepting.  Everyone slips and we are all human.
  • It offers long-term success.  A great benefit to this type of program is that you learn lifestyle changing skills to achieve long-term success.

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