Six Proven Weight Loss Plans for Quick and Safe Weight Loss

Lose All The Weight You Want with Endocrinologist Dr. Richard Lipman MD

Six weight loss plans are offered by Board certified internist and endocrinologist Dr. Richard Lipman MD. He has been helping residents of South Florida for 40 years lose weight and keep it off. In 2020, he offers 6 unique diet plans to help you lose 10 lbs., 50 lbs. or even 150 lbs. Body Weight measurements include waist circumference, body weight, body frame and BMI. Together these determine body weight status. These weight loss plans are described below and in short booklets available on Amazon.( Read reviews of each booklet.) 

Each of the diet plans represents a different starting point for your journey to a healthier weight. Dr. Lipman will help you select the plan that best fits your lifestyle, medical issues, and weight loss goals, and then helps tailor it to those needs.  In any of these plans,  Dr. Lipman prescribes diet medicationappetite suppressants, craving controllers, and metabolism boosters – when needed. You can boost the weight loss and prevent plateaus by adding intermittent fasting 1 or 2 days a week. You can move from one diet plan to another to avoid slow downs or boredom.
For example, you start with a Low Carb Diet and then after 20 lb weight loss you move to the Keto Diet.

Thirteen  Key Concepts of Dr. Lipman’s Weight Loss Plans

Thirteen concepts define all of Dr. Lipman’s weight loss plans.  Whether you elect to try Dr. Lipman’s Miami Diet Plan, The Keto Diet, Intermittent Fasting, 800 Calorie HCG Diet, Vegan Diet or even a Teen Diet, the strategies that he uses have helped thousands of patients achieve a healthy weight and maintain weight for years.  No complicated points, no constant counting, no expensive special meals; just steady, proven shedding of those extra pounds. Your free to select any of the weight plans or do a combination, such as starting with the simple Miami Plan and moving in a month to the 800 Calorie HCG diet or the Keto Diet. Watch a video outlining many causes for slow metabolism and weight gain or difficulty losing weight.  This works well to eliminate plateaus and slowdowns. Here are some of the 13 strategies employed in all of the Diet Plans:

  1. Avoiding foods/drinks or behaviors causing weight gain.
  2. Controlling Hunger, reducing appetite and reducing Cravings.
  3. Finding the causes of the weight gain (this speeds the weight loss immediately and prevents regaining of the weight).
  4. Increasing metabolism.
  5. Importance of Alcohol-how much, how often, best choices (“moderate” alcohol can be used with each plan).
  6. Drinking water is important for successful weight loss no matter which plan you chose. However, drinking gallon after gallon of water blindly distracts the dieter from what is really important. Read about the “right” way to get your water.
  7. Drinking coffee with coconut oils can increase ketosis and diminishes hunger. (Coffee also increases weight loss)
  8. Reducing all sugars and adding the new artificial sweeteners is a key technique in all of the weight loss plan. You can read about the safety of the new sweeteners.  
  9. Restaurant Eating: Eating out in restaurants is an important part of the South Florida scene, especially on the weekends. With thousands of restaurants, the secret is to find the “right restaurant” and then make the”best choices”.
  10. Make-Up Mondays” a method along with single-day Intermittent Fasting for erasing calories from “cheat day“, parties, and buffet eatingg.
  11.  Adding Intermittent Fasting 16-8 to each of the diet plans for boosting weight loss and preventing plateaus.
  12.  Prescribing FDA approved diet medicationappetite suppressants, craving controllers,  fat blockers, metabolism boosters and even Naltrexone for alcohol and excessive sweet cravings when appropriate and necessary.

Dr. Lipman Can Help You Achieve Your Goals!

He has treated more than 40,000 people with weight gain and slow metabolism – even those with obesity and severe medical problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and slow thyroid – over the past 40 years. Individuals with hypertension and diabetes have the greatest need for weight loss. Non- weight loss medications such as Metformin are especially helpful in overweight and obese diabetics. The faster the weight loss the greater the success!

I was 304 pounds and unhealthy. I had shortness of breath and fatigue, sweating at the littlest of tasks and had tried just about every diet. Dr. Lipman showed me the best food choices. Most important he showed me numerous snacks that made me feel full. I signed up to lose 50 lbs in 6 months and lost over 100 lbs – and this was without exercise at all!

James S., Hollywood, FL

I’ve been fat all of my life. I tried Weight Watchers (too embarrassing for me), Jenny Craig (too expensive), Atkins (too boring), and many more diet plans. I’d lose 50 lb. only to regain 75 lb. My best friend told me about Dr. Lipman’s HCG plan. It was simple and easy. Believe it or not I lost 10 lbs. in the first week. After the 23 day course I had lost more than 25 lb. I wasn’t hungry and all my cravings disappeared.

Sandy, Miami Beach, FL
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Weight Loss Over 50

All of my diet plans are built around the starting premise that no two diets are ever the same.

Since everyone’s lifestyle is different – food tastes, medical concerns, metabolism and causes of weight gain are different for everyone – each plan needs to be individualized for the dieter.

This is even more important for weight loss over the age of 50 when metabolism slows down, medical problems and medications are common, and exercise may be diminished – so important that I made a special video about it.

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