Detox Diets: Do They Have Any Value in a Weight Loss Plan?

Do detox diets increase metabolism? Do they help hunger and cravings? What are toxins? How do they influence our bodies? These are the questions reviewed.

What are the “Normal” Toxins?

Normal products of metabolism are not toxins. They are the normal end products from ingesting food or the breakdown of normal body cells as they are replaced by new cells. These normal end products of metabolism, such as ammonia, are excreted by our liver, bile, kidney and colon. Interfering in this normal process may cause damage. The FDA has sent out more than 7 warnings that colon cleansers are have no value except for preparation for an x-ray study.

What are the Real “Toxins?”

Other chemicals that are ingested usually by mistake are toxins if they do damage. Such toxins might be mercury, arsenic and smoke. These are all dangerous substances and the affected person needs a physician. Other toxins include chemicals we come in contact with every day, such as pesticides, household cleaners, food additives, drugs, pollution, cigarette smoke, and heavy metals like lead that enter the body when we ingest or inhale.

Do “normal toxins” really interfere with weight loss?

Are so-called “detox diets” real? Why do some people lose weight on these detox diets?
People may lose a little weight on detox diets simply because they reduce their calories by changing the foods they eat. Fill up with water or eliminate fecal matter from your colon and you will lose a pound or two. They are really 1600 calorie diets.

The Body Has Four Natural Detoxification Systems

We All Have Enough Equipment. We Don’t Need Any Help!

Detox DietsKidney and Bladder System:
This detox system regulates the amount of the minerals including sodium, chloride, potassium, phosphate, as well as urea and hydrogen in our bodies. It excretes them via the urine. It determines the amount of salt in the body and excretes if it is too high.

The Liver Filters the Blood as it Makes New Chemicals
The liver is involved in breaking down toxic substances like drugs, alcohol, artificial chemicals, and pesticides. Basically, it converts these toxins from their fat-soluble state (which means the body would find it difficult to excrete them) into water soluble chemicals so they can be filtered and removed by the kidneys. It removes bilirubin, which is a chemical released when our red blood cells die.

The Skin Serves to Remove Natural Toxins From the Body
Skin excretes waste products and excess salt from the body. It helps regulate body temperature by increasing or decreasing the amount of sweat.

Even the Lungs are Involved in Natural Detoxification
With each inhalation, oxygen – the fuel for all the cells and organs of our bodies – is extracted by the lungs from the air we inhale and infused into the bloodstream. With each exhalation, we dispose of the carbon dioxide that is the by-product of our bodily processes. Besides gas exchange, the lungs filter out a host of alien substances including pollens, dust, viruses, bacteria; the constituents of the air in our homes and offices and factories.

Other Unproven Claims About Detox Diets: Toxins and Weight Loss

Some believe that there may be unhealthy foods such as caffeine, alcohol, several types of processed foods, pre-made foods, salt, sugar, red meat, fried foods, etc. that are keeping you from losing weight.

Trying to eliminate some so called “toxin” – substances that really do not exist – just wastes your time and money. Quackwatch has a great review of the detox hoax that is everywhere you look. If you think some “bad foods” are in your body, stop eating them! In a few days the body will eliminate them naturally.

Don’t let yourself get distracted by trendy detox diets. All of the weight loss claims that are made regarding detox diets are false. These so called “toxins” have nothing to do with gaining or losing weight. Everyone has 4 organs in their body that do all the detoxification we need: the kidneys, liver, skin, and lungs. They remove all of the “natural toxins.” The body does not need any help. There is nothing to cleanse!

[blockquote]Detox (short for detoxification) diets are based on the principle that you need to get rid of certain “toxins” from your body to lose weight. The mistaken belief is that so called “toxins” are preventing weight loss and slowing metabolism and eliminating them will make you lose weight and become “healthy.” – Forbes Magazine, April 16, 2009[/blockquote]

Miami Weight Loss Center’s Position on Detox Diets:

Detox diets are a scam and they are dangerous as well. If weight loss is your goal, then find a diet plan that appeals to your tastes and needs. There are hundreds. Keep the changes simple and make a few small changes at a time. None of these so called “toxins” have anything to do with losing weight. In the end, its all about calories in and calories out. Eat less or burn more and you will lose weight.