You Will Always Talk to a Human – We are Here to Help

Dr. Lipman’s office strives to provide the best service possible to everyone who contacts us. The medical industry is based on trust- trust in the physician, staff, and medications. This can only be achieved through education, communication, and support.

Let’s face it, people these days like to email, text or fill out a form. We like to talk on the phone. It’s personal, fast and specific. Often unexpected questions come up and are quickly answered. When you call our office you will talk with the same staff that helps Dr. Lipman’s private patients all day long. In fact, ask to speak with Dr. Lipman himself. He will be pleased to answer any questions. From basic questions to more complicated issues, we are here to help. We have no complicated phone menus, toll-free numbers, departments or referrals. The same number in Miami, Florida is for everyone—staff, doctors, private patients, and YOU: (305) 670-3259.

About Dr. Lipman

Dr. Richard L. Lipman M.D.......
Dr. Richard Lipman is a board certified endocrinologist and internist who specializes in medical weight loss. His medical practice has been present in South Miami for more than 46 years. He has focused on treating only overweight and obese patients with and without medical problems for more than 22 years. Dr. Lipman’s entire medical career has been focused on developing personalized weight loss programs for people just like you. He is one of the few endocrinologists in South Florida that treats overweight and obese patients. Dr. Lipman can help you lose weight quickly even if you have diabetes, hypothyroidism, hypertension, high cholesterol, or other medical problems.

Call us at 305-670-3259 to make an appointment or if you have any questions. You can also use contact form below and we will promptly get back to you by phone or email. Our office is located on the campus of South Miami Hospital in South Miami, FL 33143.