Maintaining WEIGHT Loss After Diet: 3 Secrets

Maintaining Weight after Diet: Secrets You Need to Know Weight maintenance after a diet is the most significant challenge facing all dieters today. The outdated concept that "eating healthy" and "exercise" are the keys to weight maintenance following a weight [...]

Weekend Cheats & Monday Loss

Erase Weight Gain From Weekend “Cheat Days” with Make-Up Mondays and/or Intermittent Fasting Weekend cheat days (or cheat meals anytime) are disruptive for people trying to lose or even just maintain their weight. High calorie, high carb meals at restaurants [...]

Weight Loss Doctor Miami Solves Diet Plateaus

Your Guide to Avoiding Weight Loss Slow Downs by Weight Loss Doctor: Richard Lipman MD Weight loss doctor in Miami, Dr Richard Lipman shows you the secrets to avoiding normally occurring weight loss plateaus. Most individuals who have lost weight, [...]

Boost Metabolism for Fast Wt Loss

How You Can  Boost Metabolism For Fast Weight Loss Boost metabolism to lose weight quickly. Metabolism is the collection of chemical processes that occur inside of all living organisms in order to sustain life. It has three primary functions: The [...]

Weight Loss Clinics Reveal How to Keep Your Weight Off

Doctors Weight Loss Clinic: Ideal Way to Lose and Maintain Weight Loss Weight loss clinics provide long term weight loss and maintenance. More than 68% people in the United States are overweight and more than 1/2 are trying to lose [...]

Controlling Cravings for Fast Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss Secrets: Controlling Cravings Control cravings for fast weight loss. Cravings are intense desires or urges for a particular substance-a drug, alcohol, or a food, even in the absence of hunger. Obese prone individuals have a heightened awareness [...]

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