10 Causes of a Slow Metabolism

10 Causes of Slow Metabolism Cause Difficulty Losing Weight 10 causes of slow metabolism is responsible for the majority of weight gain.Daily metabolism includes the energy we all need to metabolize food, keep warm, think, and move about. A HIGH [...]

Video: 6 Most Common Causes of Slow Metabolism

Video of Causes of Slow Metabolism   There are many causes of slow metabolism that may be interfering with your attempts to lose weight. In this video, I'll show you the 6 most common causes and how they cause weight [...]

Prescription Meds Cause Weight Gain

Prescription Medications Frequent Cause of Weight Gain: Often Overlooked by Most Physicians Prescription medications can cause weight gain . One medications prescribed for one problem can often cause others. Sometimes the side effects from the medication can be worse than [...]

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Low Thyroid, Weight Gain and Endocrinologist

Do You Have a Low Thyroid Causing Problems Losing Weight? Low thyroid causes weight gain. Often termed," under-active thyroid" or hypothyroidism  it is  often the cause of unexpected  weight gain. The greater the degree of hypothyroidism (low thyroid function), the [...]

Infographic: Sleep Apnea vs. Obesity: Which Came First?

Sleep Apnea May Due to Obesity Sleep apnea vs. obesity is a dangerous combination. Which came first?   With sleep apnea, sleep is disturbed by intermittent episodes of NO breathing during the night. This leads to less oxygen in the [...]

Infographic: Is Lack of Sleep Making You Fat

Lack of Sleep and Weight Gain Lack of sleep is an often overlooked cause of weight gain. As technology advances, all kinds of activities can occur at sleep time that did not occur years ago. Impaired sleep effects metabolic hormones, [...]

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