Low Carb Breakfast Foods on Dr. Lipman’s Diet Plan: 2023

10 Great low carb foods for breakfast are  high in protein, very low carbs with lots of choices. This includes frozen and fresh foods for breakfasts. Prepared foods and some foods requiring  more preparation.  Most fruits are unlimited except for tropical fruits. The more the protein, the better the control.

Need for High Protein Breakfast: Controls Day’s Food

Low Carb Foods for Breakfast every morning is the first critical step towards successful weight loss. Skipping breakfast remains the most common mistake made by people attempting to lose weight. Breakfast, including proteins such as eggs, ham, cheese, bacon, or high-protein bars or cereals, stabilize the blood sugar for the rest of day and ensure better choices at lunch. Even 1 or 2 slices of low carb toast can be eaten at breakfast.  Whole grain is the preferred toast. When you skip breakfast, your blood sugar falls throughout the morning and you arrive at lunch not only hungry, but with low blood sugar. Making bad choices like eating at fast food restaurants or having large lunches that resemble evening meals will then happen easily. Individuals working in schools or offices who skip breakfast and are hungry by lunch are often vulnerable to the “bad choices” that coworkers make and are likely to just go along with the crowd.

After accepting that breakfast is the key, you need to realize that not all breakfasts are created equally. Breakfast choices depend mostly on convenience, rather than on cravings or even hunger. If you don’t have time for breakfast, pick up something on-the-go.

4  guidelines will help you create a perfect breakfast:

  • Having just coffee, or just coffee and juice, is the same as skipping breakfast.
  • Skipping breakfast will lead to poor choices at lunch and loss of control over the foods you eat for the rest of the day.
  • Convenience “rules” at breakfast—It’s easy to avoid bagels, pastries.
  • Choose foods high in protein at home, in restaurants, and on-the-go.

What to Avoid at Breakfast

Avoid having NO breakfast; also avoid only coffee/juice, and very high calorie and carb bagels, muffins, sugary cereals, pancakes, donuts, pastries, fast foods. All of these foods have minimal protein and high carbs.

The breakfast menu lists all of the “free food and beverage” choices. These you can have at any time and in unlimited quantities. This list includes coffee with artificial sweetener, low-fat milk, and vegetable juices and fruits, except for tropical fruits such as mangos, bananas, pineapples, and avocados. They need to be avoided because of their high sugar and calorie contents. The menu shows food and beverage choices for a sit-down breakfast as well as several choices for breakfast “on-the-go.” Two eggs count as one choice; one slice of whole wheat, rye, or whole grain toast counts as one choice; one cup of cereal and a high-protein shake counts as two choices.


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