Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks on the Miami Diet Plan: Updated for 2024

High protein-Low carb meal menus for 2024 from Dr. Lipman are based on maximizing protein and minimizing carbs and high calorie fats to achieve fast and easy weight loss. The goal is controlling hunger and cravings . Using easily obtainable, pleasing foods the emphasis is on healthy, portion controlled foods that offer variety and taste great. A similar plan for vegans is also available. There are many choices for low carb, high protein vegan meals and snacks. in all of Dr Lipmans 6 diet plans.  The following breakfast can be used with or without semaglutide injections. Simply add the protein shakes to the breakfast, lunch or snacks:


high protein,low carb products for Dr Lipmans
Miami and Semaglutide diet













Meal menus for 2024 from  Dr. Lipman  are update with emphasis on high protein and low carbs. In the breakfast menu above note the absence of cereals with high carbs and portion control problems and the addition of frozen entrees. The minimum breakfast needed for blood sugar stabilization is 60 calories and 6 grams of carbs such as 1 egg or 1 cheese stick. 

Note the bookmarks about more information about these meals(red text) as well as daily calories for men and women and calories for each meal.  Total carbs should average (often by adding extremely low carb vegetable based products) to about 60-70 net carbs/day and protein as high as possible. There are many high protein vegan products available. Protein levels for men should be 100 g/day OR MORE and for women 75-100g/day

This food plan has been adapted to the use of the new semaglutide diet injections. This new plan would eliminate the soups, shakes from the original plan. Otherwise he food is unchanged. 

We have added many types of low calorie, foods from fast food restaurants that are easily delivered. We suggest minimum indoor restaurant eating. For 2023 we suggest more than ever to minimize  calories and carbs at lunch to permit larger meals and snacks in the evening. Many people in the US are working at home, staying up late and eating early and often leave hours for eating in the late evening. This  can lead to snacking on very high calorie foods. Spending too many calories at lunch, such as eating leftovers that might include rice, pasta or potatoes leaves little food for the evening. A sandwich(maybe from dinner leftovers) is a far better choice and easily meeting the calorie limit. Note the limited carbs in order to prevent hunger and too many calories. 

lunch on miami diet
Here are suggestions for dinner:
Meal menus for 2024 also include updated snacks. Note the snacks are all low calorie, low carb in portion controlled containers. Most can be found on Amazon Prime. Use Dr Lipman’s APP for numerous links. The ideal snack is in a portion controlled  container, have less than 10 grams of net carbs and as much protein as possible. Many of snacks can be seen listed in Dr.  Lipman’s app at app # 6-6g. Seeking foods high in Vitamins, especially vitamin B 12 can prevent plateaus. 

          high protein, low carb snacks for Wegovy and other semagltuides