Ideal Body Weight & BMI Calculator


The BMI calculator shows you an estimate of body fat based on weight and height. It is a decent indicator of your risk for weight-related diseases. The Ideal Body Weight Chart uses gender and height as well as body frame. its another measure of what one should weigh. Its an older method of calculation. The BMI is thought to be more modern. The video illustrates how to calculate BMI and its usefulness in providing metabolic picture of the individual especially as it changes over time.


A higher BMI raises your risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, breathing problems, and certain cancers.

BMIWeight Status
Below 18.5Underweight
18.5 – 24.9Normal
25.0 – 29.9Overweight
30.0 and AboveObese

BMI calculator


BMI Chart for Normal, Overweight & Obese

The Body Mass Index, or BMI chart, shows the  body weight related to the height of an individual. It is an approximation used to find whether a person is of normal weight, underweight, overweight or obese. 

Technically, it is defined as one’s mass in kilograms divided by the square of their height in meters, and is expressed in kg/m2. In US units, BMI is a person’s weight in pounds divided by the square of their height in inches, then multiplied by 703 to account for the conversion from metric to imperial units, or lbs/in2. The BMI calculator above will do the math for you, or you can locate your weight and height on the chart below to find your BMI.

BMI Chart

BMI Limitations

While the BMI calculator will give you a general idea of whether you are overweight, BMI does have some limitations.

  1. The raw number calculated for adults is not right for children up to 19 years of age. An age- and gender-specific percentile graph is used to interpret BMI and decide the weight category for children and teens. See the chart below for the BMI reference for children and teens from 2-20 years old.
  2. For athletes & those with a muscular build, it may overestimate body fat.
  3. For adults 60 years old or more, and people who have lower muscle mass, it may underestimate body fat.

BMI Chart for Kids & Teens

Ideal Body Weight Chart and Calculator

Ideal body weight is another measure of desirable body weight based on gender, body frame and height. It also provides a measure of best weight. The formulas factor only height and gender, and there are no considerations for physical handicaps, people on the extreme ends of the spectrum, activity levels, or muscle mass to body fat ratios, otherwise known as body composition. Our Ideal Weight Calculator is meant as a general guideline based on popular formulas, and it’s results are not intended as strict values that a person must make to be considered an “ideal weight.”

Here is a more correct on-line ideal weight calculator.

ideal weights for men and women

Read about other measurements of overweight and obesity including waist line circumference, body fat etc. They tell us objectively our body fat and weight status.

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