Plenity: New FDA Diet Medicine Produces Fullness by Filling Stomach & Eating Less

Plenity produces  early satiety and weight loss without significant side effects.  It was approved by the FDA in 2019 and has been available in some states since September 2020. It is effective for weight loss as well as maintenance.  It consists of a hydrogel made of cellulose and citric acid. Plenity is a safe and effective weight loss agent that works by producing fullness in the stomach. It falls into a group of prescription and non-prescription drugs called non-systemic drugs that act within the intestinal lumen but never reach the blood and systemic circulation.

Plenity’s Unique Actions on Eating and Fullness

Plenity’s early satiety and weight loss  is due to the fact that it remains only in the stomach and intestine. It is not absorbed into the body  or circulation and has no effect on appetite, cravings or metabolism.  Plenity’s early satiety and weight loss  is due to  feelings of fullness because it absorbs 100x it’s weight in water thus expanding in the stomach. The expanding stomach then  sends reflex messages to the appetite centers in the brain which results in feeling of fullness and satiety. The  end result is in less food intake.

After passing thru the stomach and  intestine the cellulose dissolves and releases the absorbed water back into the intestine.  This makes the drug ideal for millions of people in the US that cannot take phentermine- like appetite suppressors because of medical problems or want to avoid medications that cause stimulation or effects on blood pressure and heart rate.

In fact, Plenity is never absorbed into the body, remaining  in the gastrointestinal tract almost like a natural non-absorbable fiber.   The is the reason for the lack of side effects. Plenity has  no effects on appetite, metabolism, or fat burning. It works simply by filling space in the stomach which produces fullness.

What is Plenity and How Does it Work?

Plenity is made up of thousands of  micro- spheres of hydrogel that work by expanding in the stomach producing fullness. The hydrogel consists of cellulose and citric acid in a special formulated, patented capsule. From the stomach  the hydrated gel passes into the intestines and continues to produce fullness. Finally when it passes into the colon, the cellulose dissolves and releases the water is reabsorbed.

Plenity: early satiety and weight loss

How to Take Plenity

Taken 20 to 30 minutes before eating  with a large glass of water, the 3  Plenity capsules break apart and the resulting hydrogel cells absorb 100 times their weight from the water in the stomach. Plenity is taken as a three-capsule dose 20 to 30 minutes before you sit down for lunch and dinner. The result is that you feel full and have less room for food, thus you’re likely to eat less. After you eat, the hydrogel matrix moves out of the stomach, where it breaks down in the colon and releases the water back into the intestines

Plenity Weight Loss Results

Plenity treated  patients achieved weight loss of ≥ 5%, and 27% achieved ≥ 10%  of their body weight versus 42% and 15% in the placebo group,  . Patients with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes had six times the odds of achieving ≥ 10% weight loss. Because the body doesn’t absorb the hydrogel — it passes through the gut and out the end of the GI tract — the FDA considers it to be a “device,” not a drug. It is available only online with a prescription.

Plenity Side Effects

Plenity is a non-systemic drug and is not absorbed into the body similar to Metamucil, cod liver oil, bile acids, Zetia.  and many more. The side effects are limited to intestinal bloating, gas and on occasion diarrhea in some individuals. It has non of the side effects of the older weight loss drugs.

How to get Plenity

Plenity is a prescription drug and is purchased on-line at the manufacturer’s designated pharmacy. See for much more information. You can purchase the medication from The cost is $98 for 168 capsules. This is enough for 3 capsules before and lunch and dinner for 30 days. You need a prescription from a licensed physician to purchase.

Secrets of Using Plenity

  1. Drink 2 glasses of water and wait 20 min
  2. Use warm water–not cold
  3. Use room temperature drinks with gas like Perrier water