Best Diet Foods: Zepbound,Ozempic, Wegovy  Mounjaro  for 2024

Best Diet for Zepbound, Ozempic, Wegovy and Mounjaro Weight Loss can result in loss of 25% of starting weight in a few months. Ozempic, Wegovy(semaglutides) and Mounjaro and more recent Zepbound (Tirzepatides) are new medications first used for the treatment of diabetes. Diabetics taking these drugs not only experience normalization of blood sugar, but considerable weight loss. Weight loss of 25-30% of starting weight equals that seen with stomach bypass surgery! I have personally treated patients loosing 100 to 150 lbs. A 20 lb Weight loss over a month is not uncommon, Most of my patients lose about 20% of their starting weight in four months because these medications result in loss of appetite and cravings well as marked fullness similar to a gastric bypass. The recently available compounded semaglutides offer the same weight loss with less side effects and much lower cost.

How a Once a Week Injection of   Results in Rapid Weight Loss

The Semaglutide group of medications, Ozempic/Wegovy and Mounjaro and the newly approved Zepboud (same drug as Mounjaro, FDA approved for weight loss) and compounded semaglutides produce the most weight loss of any medication. It is  almost as much as a gastric bypass. How do these new medications produce such great weight loss? Researchers discovered that all four of these medications produce marked weight loss due to multiple effects on appetite, cravings, and satiety (fullness). They act simultaneously on multiple receptors throughout the body. All four of these medications consist of semaglutide -a once weekly injection of the peptide GLP-1 agonist. The more powerful new medications, Zepbound and Mounjaro have  combined a second semaglutide called GIP. Both of these peptides are produced in the small intestine and are released normally to control food ingestion, energy utilization and fat deposition.

Understanding how these new medications are able to produce this profound weight loss can help you design a weight loss plan that is fast and safe which maximizes weight loss with minimal side effects.

How semaglutides produce dramatic and safe weight loss


1. LOSE OF APPETITE with Mounjaro, ZEPBOUND, OZEMPIC & WEGOVY and Compound Semaglutides

Increase secretion of insulin (which diminishes hunger) and decreased release of glucagon( a potent appetite enhancer) both released by the action of these drugs on the pancreatic alpha and beta cells is one of the major determinants of the amount of weight loss. The best dietary approach is to follow a high protein —low carbohydrate diet with 50-70 grams of net carbs per day and as much protein as possible–usually more than 100- 150 grams per day. However, opposite of the keto diet fat is kept to a minimum. Intermittent fasting is also not appropriate for this plan. Total calories for women is 1100 and for men 1450 calories per day. However, after a few weeks you will automatically be reducing the calories because of fullness and lack of hunger


Best Diet for Zepbound,Ozempic, Wegovy or Mounjaro Weight Loss is based on avoiding a few foods. Sugary foods are to be avoided simply because they work against the weight-loss action of the medication. Sugar is calorie-dense and non-nutritious, produces hunger rather than assisting in producing fullness. This includes starchy foods such as white bread, pasta, rice and potatoes. Also fitting this description are desserts, candy, and sugary beverages including soda, juices and energy drinks. Any cravings that are still present can easily be satisfied by eating high protein, low sugar bars. Look at the nutrition label, they all have more than 10 grams of net carbs per portion.


Stomach remains fuller for prolonged periods of time causing prolonged sense of fullness. This action is responsible for the improvement in glucose control in diabetics, as well as marked reduction in food intake by decreasing the stomach’s food capacity and the amount of food consumed at one sitting. It is this effect on the stomach that results in much of the weight loss and most of the side effects of these drugs.




Drinking excess water increases gastric emptying. Sip liquids between meals, not with meals. Wait about 30 minutes after a meal to drink anything and avoid drinking 30 minutes before a meal. It’s like putting a garden hose down your throat; the retained food that is acting to make you full is quickly pushed out of the stomach landing in the areas of the small bowel where food is quickly absorbed. High calorie sugars, fats and proteins are quickly absorbed, raise blood sugar and turn to fat. The stomach, emptied of the food is then filled with water and quickly empties leading to more hunger and need for more food. Carbonated beverages pose an even further concern.

Carbonated drinks can cause stomach discomfort and encourage increase faster gastric emptying. This includes soda, beer, and sparkling wine. Many of these beverages are also high in calories and pass quickly through the stomach without satisfying hunger. It’s like pressurizing the water in that garden hose described previously.


The weight loss plan follows Dr. Lipman’s Low Carb Diet Plan with about the same calories, higher protein and minimal fat. Liquid substitutes such as Protein shakes are discouraged. Higher protein protein portions at dinner and lunch and less breads are suggested. With a single low carb wrap a day or 1 or 2 very low carb bread slices. Soups, nutrition drinks, energy drinks are discouraged because you want to keep liquids to a minimum.

Semaglutide Diet Plan

These medications slow the emptying of your stomach thus changing the way food enters your intestines. You will want to eat much less food since you are not hungry but its important to get adequate nourishment while keeping your weight-loss goals on track.

Eat and drink slowly. To avoid nausea : Try to take at least 30 minutes to eat your meals. Wait 30 minutes before or after each meal to drink

  • Keep meals small. Eat several small meals a day. You might start with four small meals a day, then move to three meals and finally, when following a regular diet, three meals a day and a snack. Each meal should include about a half-cup to 1 cup of food. Pay Attention to Your Body and Its Needs (STOP eating when your brain tells you your stomach has had enough).
  • Drink liquids between meals. To avoid dehydration, you’ll need to drink at least 8 cups (1.9 liters) of fluids a day. But drinking too much liquid at or around mealtime can speed up the emptying of the stomach and at the same time leave you feeling overly full and prevent you from eating enough nutrient-rich food.
  • Chew food thoroughly. Delayed gastric emptying prevents food from leaving your stomach quickly and can cause vomiting, nausea and abdominal pain. Take small bites of food and chew them slowly.
  • Focus on high-protein foods. Eat these foods before you eat other foods in your meal.
  • Avoid foods that are high in fat and sugar. These foods travel quickly through your digestive system and quickly turn to fat. Sugary foods, white bread, pasta, rice and potatoes, granola, nuts, seeds are not retained well in stomach. High-fat foods will also slow your weight-loss progress. Food with oil, butter, and other fats are much richer in calories than foods without much fat. Fried foods, many prepackaged snacks, fast food, non-lean meat, and many baked goods are examples of high-fat foods to avoid. Be aware of your food’s sugar, fat, calorie content, and plan so you know what you’re consuming.
    The following food menus are based on my Low Carb Diet Plan with some minor alterations for these medications.

Best Diet for Ozempic, Wegovy or Mounjaro Weight Loss: The Food Menus

Food Plan for use with Compounded Semaglutides, Zepbound, Mounjaro, Ozempic and Wegovy: Note I have removed extra liquids like soups and high protein shakes. The secret to the meal plans is to limit fluids that are not needed. This includes excess water during meal times.

Breakfast on Zepbound, Mounjaro, Ozempic, Wegovy Food Plan

Women have 2 choice below and men 3 choices with frozen meals counting as 2 choices. Calories for women should not exceed 200 calories and for men 240 calories. Note in the image below there are very limited carbs with a few low wraps and pita breads. A single slice of low carb bread is acceptable. All cereals are eliminated. The emphasis is on protein over carbs. Nutrient codes are found just below each suggested food item. The include calories-g. of net carbs-g of protein for usual portion. High protein/low carb bars become easy breakfasts and snacks for those on-the run.

Food menu for breakfast on Semagltuide andlow carb diets


Lunch and Late Afternoon Snacks on Zepbound, Mounjaro, Ozempic, Wegovy Food Plan

Lunch is the small compared to dinner with limited carbs and some low calorie protein. We eliminate RICE, PASTA, POTATOES, BEANS AND QUINOA. Note calories for women are 350 calories and for men 400 calories. A wrap makes an ideal choice because of protein and low carb. Part of the wrap could easily be saved and used as a snack latter in the day.

The snacks are protein based, eliminating as much liquids as possible. Dr. Lipman has had a lot of success with Protein One Bars–90 calories, 10 grams of protein and 1-2 g of sugar. Many bars have no chocolate for non chocolate lovers. These bars are just the “right” size- 90 calories. They are portable, full of protein, easy portion control and loaded with protein. The help a lot of people with cravings and at the same time produce fullness. An alternative might be many of the “snack” bars from Atkins.

food menu for lunch on semagltuide and low carb diet


Dinner on Zepbound, Mounjaro, Ozempic, Wegovy Food Plan

food menu for semagltuide diet and low carb plan

My suggestions for dinner consist of protein, vegetables and occasional carb, but less than 1 cup. Vegetable rice, pasta and potatoes are suggested. Calories are limited to 500 per day for women, 650 for men. Always start with protein first rather than the salad or vegetables. You might be surprised and fill up quickly. protein is needed, not vegetables. Note the marked limitation in rice, pasta, potatoes

Snacks for Semaglutuide Diet for 2024: High Protein and low Carb with Easy Portion Control

high protein, low carb snacks for Wegovy and other semagltuides

Side Effects Related to Diet

GI side effects are common in people taking Ozempic/Wegovy (72.9%). They included nausea (43.9%), diarrhea (29.7%), vomiting (24.5%) and constipation (24.2%). Less common are heartburn, burping and non specific abdominal pain. The compound semaglutides seem to have less GI side effects with equal weight loss and a lot lower cost.

Dose Escalation and Side Effects:

Slowly increasing the dose over several months minimizes side effects. The frequency and severity of GI sides especially nausea, burbing and acid reflex is increased during dose escalation, especially in the first 2 months of the adjustments. The GI side effects are mostly transient (with the exception of constipation), not serious.

Constipation: On Going Problem During Treatment:

Constipation may last longer than other GI side effects consistent with the more chronic nature of this condition and the fact it’s often due to other factors. Most commonly, it due to the marked reduction of intake of food, especially fatty foods and oils.

Pancreatitis and Gall Bladder Attacks:

Very rare episodes of acute pancreatitis have been reported in patients treated with these medications. Patients with abdominal pain might suggest acute pancreatitis (e.g. persistent severe abdominal pain). Trials have not shown an increased risk of pancreatitis with these medications, but do exist with diabetics.

Cholelithiasis (gallstones) may occur with rapid weight loss with any diet but no  increased incidence has been reported in patients treated with Ozempic/Wegovy for weight management clinical follow-up is required if gallstones are suspected.

Treating GI Side Effects of Zepbound, Ozempic, Wegovy & Mounjaro by Changing Foods

No foods are strictly “off-limits” when taking these medications —in other words, there’s nothing to need to worry about that could prevent the medication from working normally. However, there are a few guidelines you’ll want to keep in mind to maximize weight loss and minimize GI side effects.

Fried foods and fatty foods, such as fast food, and foods high in sugar is the toughest for your body to digest and the most likely to cause nausea. Patients taking Ozempic/Wegovy who experience nausea should consider the following tips:

  1. Eat slowly, and eat smaller meals-stop when you feel full or even partially full!
  2. Eat foods that are light and bland
  3. Drink clear or ice-cold drinks (like water or unsweetened tea), avoid carbonated


Best Diet for Ozempic, Wegovy or Mounjaro Weight Loss is based on understanding that these drugs have diverse actions all over the body. Understanding these actions can assist the dieter in maximizing the weight loss with the least amount of medication and minimizing the likelihood of side effects. Here are the areas where the dieter can influence the weight loss:

A. The dieter has little control over the brain interactions of these drugs including regulation of appetite, cravings and fullness.
B. There is some ability to control the contribution of the pancreas release of insulin and glucagon secretion by limiting sugar and carb intake as much as possible. This diet depends on a low carbohydrate diet with 50-60 net carbs per day .
C. However, food and liquid choices and patterns of eating are controlled. Understanding this can directly affect hunger, fullness while minimizing side effects.