Mounjaro, Ozempic, Wegovy, Zepbound and Compounded Semaglutides: Best Food Choices for Fast & Safe Weight Loss- Dr Lipman, Miami, Fl

by Richard Lipman MD

Best Diet for Mounjaro, Ozempic, Zepbound and Wegovy weight loss involves minimizing carbs, especially rice, pasta, potatoes, beans and some breads as well as desserts and snacks with high sugar levels. Look for foods with less than 10 grams of sugar and net carbs and more than 10 grams of protein per portion. Fat intake should be kept as low as possible.  As in my low carb diet the calories needed for weight loss should average about 1100 for women and 1450 for men. As the medications are increased over the first 6 weeks they become more effective and food intake gradually decreases to about 1000 calories for females and 1200 calories for men.  Total net carbs for the day should be less than 50 grams per day and protein intake as high(> 100 grams/day) as possible. The diet macros are given in table form on the front of the breakfast menu below. The food menus below present the choices for both men and women. My experience treating more than 550 patients with semaglutides like Mounjaro and others is that maximal weight loss involves the least number of carbs and the highest protein. However, its still the calories that count the most!!!   The diet macros are given in table form on the front of the breakfast menu below.  The keto diet, the HCG diet and intermittent fasting are not appropriate for these medications. 

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Food Menus on the Zepbound,Mounjaro, Ozempic and Wegovy Diet Plans

Food Plan for use with Mounjaro, Ozempic and Wegovy.  Note I have removed extra liquids like soups and high protein shakes. The secret to the meal plans is to limit fluids that are not needed. This includes excess water during meal times. Women have 2 choice below and men 3 choices with frozen meals  counting as 2 choices.

high protein,low carb products for Dr Lipmans Miami and Semaglutide diet


Lunch on this plan eliminates the major carbs such as pasta, rice, potatoes, beans and quinoa. It consists of low calorie wraps, occasional sandwich as indicated below. Note use of protein bars to provide adequate protein thru the day.

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My suggestions for dinner consist of protein, vegetables and occasional carb, but less than 1 cup. Vegetable rice,
pasta and potatoes are suggested. Calories are limited to 500 per day for women, 650 for men.

Mounjaro,ozempic, wegovy best food choices for dinner meal

Best Snacks for Semaglutide Weight Loss: High Protein-Low Carb

high protein, low carb snacks for Wegovy and other semagltuides