What to Do When Weight Loss Plateaus

Weight loss plateaus are part of every diet program. These are  periods of time when the usual weight loss slows down, often to no weight loss at all. Some of the problem is the “normal” slowing down of   metabolism with weight loss. In addition,  inactivity as well as food mistakes also can cause weight loss slow downs. There are other causes more specific that when recognized can get your weight loss program started again:


Keep a diary of you food intake, looking for food mistakes especially additives like nuts, seeds, PB, olive oil, alcohol, avocados, salad dressings (see app #7 for calories-portions.) It’s easy to overeat these foods and consume huge number of calories.)

highest calorie foods with no portion control

Timing of the medications:  Not take the medication at the ideal time of day to produce maximal results is common.  It’s convenient to take the first dose early in the morning, especially when other medications are taken. These medications simply do not last long enough to control overeating in the afternoon and evening.

Forgetting the second dose: Many of the medications are taken in two doses. It’s easy to forget to take a medication on Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

 Increasing the dosage-changing the timing: Effectiveness and even side effects gradually diminish as immunity to many of these medications gradually develop over time. The remedy is to take the medication a little latter in the day to prevent late evening eating. If that is not helpful, then consider increasing the doses.

Changing the Medications: There are 12 FDA approved weight loss drugs including two inject able medications. When one medication becomes ineffective it’s easy to change to another one. Many work differently in the body, so if you body become immune to one medication, another might be more effective.

 While less important in the beginning of a weight loss program, it becomes more important when weight loss slows down. Your goal is to burn 300-400 calories- 3 times a week-doing aerobic exercise like walking, bike, treadmill, elliptical. Weight lifting is good, however it burns far less calories and involves a lot of time.

CALORIES, CARBS, PROTEIN: Reduce calories by 200 calories per day. (950-1000 for women & 1250 for men) & CARBS as low as possible. Limit carbs to 50-60g per day and make sure to have at least 30g of protein at each meal. Protein distributed thru the day is more effective that at one meal in increasing metabolism.


PLENITY: new FDA medication for evening eating, no side effects, see APP 1c, also helps with
cravings. May reduce carb intake.

SLEEP: Sleeping less than 4 ½ hours per night reduces metabolism by 3% as well as ability for heavy work or working out.