Miami diet plan, safe, fast, healthy weight loss without exercise and cravings

Miami Diet: Best Weight Loss Plan in South Florida for 2017: Safe, Fast, Healthy

  • Combines a Unique Food Plan
  • FDA Approved Weight Loss Medications

The Miami Diet  Plan for 2017: The food part of the plan  is not simply low carbs, low fat,  your grandmother’s food, organic food or any other fad diet.  Nor is it about counting calories, grams of fat, points or anything else.   There is no special shopping or a single recipe in the plan.  Rather, its simply what has worked year after year by tens of thousands of individuals Dr Lipman has treated  who have successfully lost weight and kept the weight off. Here is what what the successful dieters have done over the years::

  • They eliminated a few target foods such as sugary drinks, fast foods and bad snacks.
  • They rarely skipped breakfast.
  • Almost all ate a small lunch.
  • All of them prevented hunger and cravings later in the day with multiple snacks.

What they did not do was eat special foods, count calories, carbs, fat grams, or anything else.

Alberto S. Relates His Experience on the Miami Diet Plan in South Florida


The Miami Diet Weight Loss Medications for 2017:

Miami Diet FDA Approved Medications: The second part of the Miami Diet Plan is the combination  the simple food plan with one of the 2017 six FDA approved weight loss medications  when indicated. Many overweight people can lose all the weight they want with some simple food changes. The majority, however, need the help of increased metabolism, appetite and craving control achieved with the FDA weight loss medication. Dr Lipman’s  experience in South Florida treating more than 40,000 people over the past 40 years  helps the dieter match the “right medication” with the “right” metabolic problem to achieve fast, healthy and safe weight loss without any side effects.

What’s To Eat on the Miami Diet Food Plan for 2017:

In the plan, you first identify and then eliminate the personal food triggers that have caused most of your weight gain. You will adopt the same techniques employed by thousands of individuals who have lost substantial amounts of weight and maintained their new weights over a long period without even realizing it. These are simple changes and that is why they can work for you. With the aid of prescription strength appetite suppressor, your hunger and cravings are significantly reduced, which gives you a chance to learn how to make better food choices.

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miamidietfinalsforpdfoct202016 a free version of the Dr Lipman’s Miami Diet Plan(PDF form)

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Dr. Lipman's Miami Diet Plan

Richard Lipman, M.D., an endocrinologist and weight loss specialist has successfully treated overweight and obese patients for the last 30 years in his Miami, Florida office. He is the best-kept weight-loss secret to Miami’s rich and beautiful. He shows you in this short, simple booklet the secrets of thousands of his patients who have lost weight and kept it off for years. NO RECIPES,


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 Miami Diet Plan: Reviews

 “I am overweight; and frankly, I’m pretty jaded when it comes to new and exciting diet trends. Don’t eat grains. Eat nothing but grains, but only with 2 ½ grapefruit and a large bowl of cabbage soup. Only eat celery and peanut butter on Wednesdays. What a load of bushwah. Many of these diets come from doctor’s and professionals as well, so you’d think they would sound a little bit less like hoodoo; but you’d be wrong. Dr. Lipman’s Miami Diet Plan isn’t so much a diet or a “lifestyle” (boy howdy am I tired of being sold lifestyles). It’s equal parts excellent nutritional advice and common sense. Very refreshing indeed. The other thing I love about Dr. Lipman’s Miami Diet Plan is that the book isn’t trying to sell me anything or make me feel like some kind of moron who doesn’t know how to eat. There aren’t a bunch of weird ingredients that I’ve never heard of or have to order online to get (I live in the middle of nowhere, so this is a bonus). Dr. Lipman writes in such a way that you feel like you are talking to your friendly family physician who really cares about your health. The Miami Diet Plan seems like it will be easy to do to get started, and just as easy to maintain. If you are weary of the health food battles and snake oil supplement salesmen who want you to buy into their MLM plan; this book is for you.”

“Let’s face it, there are a TON of diet books out there that are claiming to be the “next best thing.” How do we sort through them all to find the best, most practical, and high-effective diet? It starts with credibility and it ends with results. Dr. Lipman’s Miami Diet Plan has proven to help many. Dr. Lipman is a proven endocrinologist who has treated patients for over 30 years in the city where sexy, healthy bodies thrive. This diet is practical, easy to follow, it doesn’t starve you, and you will see LASTING results. There will be no weight roller coaster, you will get healthier. In a society where we waste billions of dollars chasing the next best fad, it is refreshing to finally find a diet that works, and stays. Health is important, so it is important to only rely on the best.

Dr. Lipman’s Miami Diet Plan gets two thumbs up from me!
This is a diet plan that is simple and easy to follow – when they say no counting, no points, etc. they really mean it. The principles are simple, and they work. You can really eat a wide range of foods, and many foods as often as you want in this plan. The trick is to eat the right foods at the right meals, maintain good balance and variety, and avoid certain foods that are not good for you. All is well explained in a clear and concise manner, and the book includes many colour photos to illustrate.This is not complicated, it is something anyone can start doing right away, and it is not hard to do.