Why Weigiht is regained after diet

Why Weight Loss Plateaus and What to Do About It

Most individuals who have lost weight and only to regain it know its easier to lose weight than to keep it off. Why is this so difficult. Its due to the fact that as one loses weight there is a decrease in metabolism and energy expenditures to values below what one might suspect from the actual weight. Part of this is due to the reduction in muscle mass seen with weight loss. This is also the explanation for the weight gain with aging.  However, this metabolism reduction is still not enough to explain the easy and quick weight regain often to levels about the starting weight.

Reduced metabolism that characterizes plateaus and weight maintenance is accompanied by increase hunger. Fullness is often hard to achieve after weight. Other issues contributing to gradual weight regain is the fact that calories burned with any movement is very dependent on body weight. The graph below presents some of the issues:

Weight Loss Plateaus Miami 33143

Note in the figure above the  7 causers of weight loss plateaus and some suggestions on how to get off the plateau. Notice the gradual reduction in metabolic rate with weight loss and the fact that any exercise is reduced with weigh loss. All of these issues explain both weight loss plateaus and difficulty with weight maintenance seen in the majority of dieters.

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