Green Tea Benefits Weight Loss

Green Tea Helps Metabolize Foods

There have long been studies into the health benefits of green tea and the connections it has with weight loss. Green tea has been found to have many positive effects and can play a role in losing weight.

Understand the Effects

Green tea exhibits thermogenic properties. The process of thermogenesis causes the body to produce more heat through an increase in metabolism. This means burning more calories, breaking down fat and ultimately leads to weight loss.

Now it is important to note that green tea doesn’t boost metabolism enough to produce quick and immediate results. It won’t be a miracle solution all on its own. But as one part of your weight loss plan, it can do wonders.

Maximize the Benefits

There are many different types of green tea available on the market. You can maximize the impact of green tea on your weight by purchasing a standardized herbal extract of pure green tea. There are many products for sale which don’t use the standard extract. While these brands may be cheaper, they are also lower in quality. These non-standardized green tea extracts contain very little of the active green tea substances, such as EGCG, needed to have any appreciable benefit to weight loss.

Many traditional herbalists and scientists agree that combining green tea with other beneficial weight loss herbs and nutrients into your diet can significantly improve results. A mixture of green tea, ginger and olive leaf can help lower cholesterol and help you lose weight.

When shopping for green tea products, always check the manufacturer information. Be on the lookout for green tea extracts which strictly follow GMP compliance, which is a worldwide standard. With GMP approved items, you can be sure of getting your money’s worth and a high quality product.

The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, classifies herbal products such as green tea as dietary supplements. In practice this means there are no guarantees when it comes to how effective the product will be. Don’t trust any company that claims 100% weight loss success with their green tea products. These manufacturers are best avoided.

Green tea has many other health benefits. It has been linked to reducing chances of heart disease, cancer and other chronic diseases, and is an overall a healthier alternative to standard tea or coffee.

Power of the Mind

At the end of the day, the real benefits of green tea will be felt in the long-term. But don’t let this discourage you and put you off from incorporating green tea into your weight loss program.

Aside from the direct physical effects of green tea, the psychological benefits should also be considered. It has been often observed that people who drink green tea also tend to live healthier lifestyles in general and have the ideal mindset for losing weight (not to mention the benefits of improved cognitive function).

Remember when you are trying to lose weight: Lack of a diet plan could let you down. Lack of exercise could let you down. A lack of conviction will certainly let you down.

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