My name is Judy and I have lost 67 lbs...

, Hialeah, FL

My name is Judy and I have lost 67 lbs with Dr. Lipman. I was always a skinny girl even through college. After I got married I gained 15 lbs. But that was not the end of it. After each of three children I gained 15 lbs, so that by the time my youngest daughter was 2 years old, I had gained 60 lbs from my pre-marriage weight. I weighed more than 180 lbs when I first met Dr. Lipman. He found my thyroid to be slow and started me on thyroid medication. I had instant energy, my hair stopped falling out and my skin which was dry and flaky became smooth and soft. I lost more than 15 lbs in a month. However, I was still hungry and having cravings. Dr. Lipman prescribed medication to curb my appetite and hunger. I am still losing weight and have only 10 lbs. to go!

Judy Weight Loss Before and After