Before I visited Dr. Lipman I weighed...

Dr Lipman Miami Diet Plan
, Miami, FL

Before I visited Dr. Lipman I weighed 350 lbs and I am only 23 years old. All my life I have struggled with obesity and insecurity and being made fun of because of being over weight. I would lose weight and then get so bored of diets that I would give up and just gain more weight. Finally, my family got so concerned about my health, that they brought me to Dr. Lipman. I was nervous to walk into the office, but after meeting him I felt at ease and most importantly, I felt understood. I felt that he understood my struggle and he told me that he was going to help me get through this. I can say, that he is a man of his word and I officially have lost 30lbs in 21 days. It’s easy to yell instructions to someone and force a diet on someone but thank God that was not the case with Dr. Lipman. Dr. Lipman showed me what to eat, how to eat, at what time to eat, and most importantly it’s easy and fun. I have been eating foods that are delicious and I have been enjoying watching the pounds lower every single day. Dr. Lipman has been super supportive, and he even told me that if I felt discouraged or like giving up, to call him. He isn’t just a nutritionist, he is life changer. If their is the will there is a way, and if you want to lose weight all you have to do is follow the plan. I would recommend him to every single person I know.

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