I was 304 pounds and unhealthy. I had...

Dr Lipman Miami Diet Plan
, Hollywood, FL

I was 304 pounds and unhealthy. I had shortness of breath and fatigue, sweating at the littlest of tasks. I had tried just about every diet and lost weight on just about all of them. The problem was hunger and boredom. I eat when I am hungry, when I am tired, when I am bored or just because the food is there. It doesn’t matter what I have for lunch, I will be just as hungry at dinner. Dr. Lipman showed me the best food choices. Most important he showed me numerous snacks that made me feel full. I signed up to lose 50 lbs in 6 months and lost over 100 lbs – and this was without exercise at all! I embraced the program and was energized by my weight loss by losing at a rate that exceeded my expectations. I allowed myself to become more physical with all my activities. Walking with enjoyment, doing chores around the house with a positive attitude and being active at work without the aches, pains and shortness of breath.