Dr. Lipman has been very helpful to me....

Dr Lipman Miami Diet Plan
, Palmetto Bay, FL

Dr. Lipman has been very helpful to me. I have dieted all my life, with my weight going up and down. I first meet Dr. Lipman when my husband starting going to him. I went along so I could be supportive and not sabotage my husband’s weight loss efforts. The first month, my husband lost 20 pounds and my dieting efforts resulted in 2 pounds. I decided to use Dr Lipman as well. I was able to lose 30 pounds and have kept it off for over 2 years. (My husband lost 60 pounds.)

In the past, when I would visit a doctor I would often feel frustrated because the physician would give unrealistic advice, never understanding how hard it is to diet successfully. “Just eat less, exercise more.” Dr. Lipman was amazing, I didn’t feel as if I was a lazy person, or a failure if I didn’t meet a weight loss target goal. Instead he helped identify a problem and ways to move forward. He was great at giving tips on how to overcome plateaus in the weight loss process, giving tricks and tips to manage your food when you go out with friends or to restaurants, and how to keep the weight off. But most importantly I always felt that he was very supportive and interested in my success.

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