If you guys follow me and my sister...

Arlisa HCG Weight Loss Success
, San Jacinto, CA

If you guys follow me and my sister on Facebook you’ll know that we are doing another round and this time we are using Dr. Richard Lipman’s new 800 calorie HCG protocol. Let me tell you our stats first before I get into some of the information in the book. Five days, I have released 12 lbs. Seven days, she has released 14 lbs…

Now, a lot of that stuff is mentioned in Dr Simeon but guess what, we can’t have that stuff until we’re in P3 or P4. I have nothing against Dr Simeon but like me and I’m sure a lot of other you guys, it was hard to stick to the protocol because we were limited to just certain foods. But then that Dr. Lipman mentioned his book – it makes a lot of sense and the reason why a lot of those things wasn’t mentioned in Dr. Simeon is because back in those days those things wasn’t around.

We can have cheese, bread, we can have sugar free yogurts and jello and pudding – chocolate pudding at that – and also some sugar free snacks. But you think about it, we’ve been eating like this for so long that’s the reason why we gained this weight. So we switch to Dr Simeon, we start eating clean, it’s pretty much that we lose the weight but we start craving those things at the end because our body is used to it. So if you are introducing these things still while you in P2 your body does not go into shock, it doesn’t go to, “I’m craving this, I’m craving that,” so if you crave it’s stuff you want, you know what I mean?

So that calls us to cheat while we on P2. I have not cheated, not one time, since I’ve been on this, okay? I don’t even have the desire to cheat. My sister… she don’t have a desire to cheat because you are not deprived of things. He also mentioned certain types of alcohol that we can have. He shows you how to portion it out, he shows you how to read on the back of the label. When you pick out cheese that you want look for certain things on the back. For instance, for the fat content, nothing more than 4% fat… The laughing cow cheese is what I use. I don’t crave cheese while I’m on P2. He tells you to look on the back for the sugar intake, nothing more than 2 grams. I do not crave sugars.

So let me tell you, I’ll put the link at the bottom for the Dr Lipman new 800 calorie protocol for HCG and he also has a cookbook. Man is outstanding.