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Dr Lipman Miami Diet Plan

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Arlisa S.

Arlisa HCG Weight Loss Success
, San Jacinto, CA

If you guys follow me and my sister on Facebook you’ll know that we are doing another round and this time we are using Dr. Richard Lipman’s new 800 calorie HCG protocol. Let me tell you our stats first before I get into some of the information in the book. Five days, I have released 12 lbs. Seven days, she has released 14 lbs…

Now, a lot of that stuff is mentioned in Dr Simeon but guess what, we can’t have that stuff until we’re in P3 or P4. I have nothing against Dr Simeon but like me and I’m sure a lot of other you guys, it was hard to stick to the protocol because we were limited to just certain foods. But then that Dr. Lipman mentioned his book – it makes a lot of sense and the reason why a lot of those things wasn’t mentioned in Dr. Simeon is because back in those days those things wasn’t around.

We can have cheese, bread, we can have sugar free yogurts and jello and pudding – chocolate pudding at that – and also some sugar free snacks. But you think about it, we’ve been eating like this for so long that’s the reason why we gained this weight. So we switch to Dr Simeon, we start eating clean, it’s pretty much that we lose the weight but we start craving those things at the end because our body is used to it. So if you are introducing these things still while you in P2 your body does not go into shock, it doesn’t go to, “I’m craving this, I’m craving that,” so if you crave it’s stuff you want, you know what I mean?

So that calls us to cheat while we on P2. I have not cheated, not one time, since I’ve been on this, okay? I don’t even have the desire to cheat. My sister… she don’t have a desire to cheat because you are not deprived of things. He also mentioned certain types of alcohol that we can have. He shows you how to portion it out, he shows you how to read on the back of the label. When you pick out cheese that you want look for certain things on the back. For instance, for the fat content, nothing more than 4% fat… The laughing cow cheese is what I use. I don’t crave cheese while I’m on P2. He tells you to look on the back for the sugar intake, nothing more than 2 grams. I do not crave sugars.

So let me tell you, I’ll put the link at the bottom for the Dr Lipman new 800 calorie protocol for HCG and he also has a cookbook. Man is outstanding.

James S.

Dr Lipman Miami Diet Plan
, Hollywood, FL

I was 304 pounds and unhealthy. I had shortness of breath and fatigue, sweating at the littlest of tasks. I had tried just about every diet and lost weight on just about all of them. The problem was hunger and boredom. I eat when I am hungry, when I am tired, when I am bored or just because the food is there. It doesn’t matter what I have for lunch, I will be just as hungry at dinner. Dr. Lipman showed me the best food choices. Most important he showed me numerous snacks that made me feel full. I signed up to lose 50 lbs in 6 months and lost over 100 lbs – and this was without exercise at all! I embraced the program and was energized by my weight loss by losing at a rate that exceeded my expectations. I allowed myself to become more physical with all my activities. Walking with enjoyment, doing chores around the house with a positive attitude and being active at work without the aches, pains and shortness of breath.

Alberto R. – Miami Diet Plan Weight Loss

Dr Lipman Miami Diet Plan
, Miami, FL

I lost 70 pounds and 15 inches in five months on Dr. Lipman’s Miami Diet Plan and I never felt better! Wow! I could never have imagined such possibilities. I was teased, picked on and laughed at because I was overweight just about my whole life. My self esteem was nonexistent and the more I gained, the more I ate. Finally my family doctor told me that my difficulty walking was due to tendonitis in my feet from being overweight. I decided it was time to do something about it. I had been too many doctors and weight loss centers before a friend of mine told me about Dr. Lipman and the Miami Diet Plan. Dr. Lipman showed me the three main reasons I had been gaining weight. It was not lack of exercise – it was the so called healthy nuts and seeds, juices and the whole wheat pasta that I ate large bowls of thinking it was healthy. All along I thought I had a mental condition. I did not; I simply ate many of the wrong foods. I am living proof that the Miami Diet Plan is a safe, personalized system and a wholesome diet food plan — truly effective. The bad choices have been taken away and now I focus on the positive choices. I think of each day as an opportunity for success.

Catherine Brusky

Dr Lipman Miami Diet Plan
, Palmetto Bay, FL

Dr. Lipman has been very helpful to me. I have dieted all my life, with my weight going up and down. I first meet Dr. Lipman when my husband starting going to him. I went along so I could be supportive and not sabotage my husband’s weight loss efforts. The first month, my husband lost 20 pounds and my dieting efforts resulted in 2 pounds. I decided to use Dr Lipman as well. I was able to lose 30 pounds and have kept it off for over 2 years. (My husband lost 60 pounds.)

In the past, when I would visit a doctor I would often feel frustrated because the physician would give unrealistic advice, never understanding how hard it is to diet successfully. “Just eat less, exercise more.” Dr. Lipman was amazing, I didn’t feel as if I was a lazy person, or a failure if I didn’t meet a weight loss target goal. Instead he helped identify a problem and ways to move forward. He was great at giving tips on how to overcome plateaus in the weight loss process, giving tricks and tips to manage your food when you go out with friends or to restaurants, and how to keep the weight off. But most importantly I always felt that he was very supportive and interested in my success.

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S. Groom

Dr Lipman Miami Diet Plan

Jonathan Hernandez

Dr Lipman Miami Diet Plan
, Miami, FL

Before I visited Dr. Lipman I weighed 350 lbs and I am only 23 years old. All my life I have struggled with obesity and insecurity and being made fun of because of being over weight. I would lose weight and then get so bored of diets that I would give up and just gain more weight. Finally, my family got so concerned about my health, that they brought me to Dr. Lipman. I was nervous to walk into the office, but after meeting him I felt at ease and most importantly, I felt understood. I felt that he understood my struggle and he told me that he was going to help me get through this. I can say, that he is a man of his word and I officially have lost 30lbs in 21 days. It’s easy to yell instructions to someone and force a diet on someone but thank God that was not the case with Dr. Lipman. Dr. Lipman showed me what to eat, how to eat, at what time to eat, and most importantly it’s easy and fun. I have been eating foods that are delicious and I have been enjoying watching the pounds lower every single day. Dr. Lipman has been super supportive, and he even told me that if I felt discouraged or like giving up, to call him. He isn’t just a nutritionist, he is life changer. If their is the will there is a way, and if you want to lose weight all you have to do is follow the plan. I would recommend him to every single person I know.

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Jenny M. – Qsymia Weight Loss

, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

My name is Jenny M, I am from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and I first started with Dr. Lipman before my first child in 2008. My weight went from 247 pounds to 150. I felt great. I thought I had “cured” my weight problems. In fact after my first baby I only gained 15 lbs and was quick to lose it. Then life’s pressure caught up with me. My mother’s health was failing and I had to return to teaching school due to my husband losing his job. After my 45th birthday and my mother’s death, I found myself back to my fat self. Once again, I was huge. I couldn’t keep up with my children and I was facing health problems because of my weight. My only means of support came from eating, especially in the evening when I had to grade papers until midnight. Dr. Lipman prescribed Qsymia which reduced my cravings and horrendous need for carbs. I feel now, at 120 pounds, that I have added years to my life. I know my children are proud of me, no longer embarrassed by their fat mother. I am now on maintenance with Dr. Lipman and I know I will never gain it back.

Jenny Weight Loss Before and After


Dr Lipman Miami Diet Plan
, Miami Beach, FL

I have been fat all of my life; I tried Weight Watchers (too embarrassing for me), Jenny Craig (too expensive), and Atkins (too boring) And many more diets, I would lose 50 lb. only to regain 75 lb. My best friend told me about Dr. Lipman’s HCG plan. It was simple and easy. Believe it or not I lost 10 lbs. in the first week. After the 23 day course I had lost more than 25 lb. I wasn’t hungry and all my cravings disappeared.


Dr Lipman Miami Diet Plan
, Florida

My name is Lourdes and I have lost more than 30 lbs. on Dr. Lipman’s HCG drops. All my life I was as thin as a rail, in fact my mother and grandmother were worried I was too thin. When I was growing up, my grandmother always called me “flacita” (or dear little skinny girl.). My grandma did not have to worry after I had my first child 6 months ago, I had gained more than 30 lbs!

I tried working out and lots of diets, finally I found Dr. Lipman’s HCG plan. I learned all about diet on this website and found lots or recipes. Dr. Lipman explained everything I needed to know. I took 15 drops twice a day for 3 weeks, and lost more than 30 lbs. I got started on my diet, I know I can easily finish the last 10 lb. Thank you Dr. Lipman!