dr L shopping list

Low Calorie/Low Carb Foods from Dr Lipman’s Shopping List:

“0”sugar Juices: Ice, Crystal Lite, Crystal Lite & Ocean Spray–on the-Go, Fresca, Kellogg’s –K2O Protein Water Mix, Designer Whey Protein 2GO Drink Mix, Diet V-8 Tropical Blend

“0” Cal. Soda:    Pepsi 1, Diet Coke & Coke Zero  regular or Caffeine Free, Sprite Zero, Diet Sunkist, Diet Canada Dry, Diet Ocean Spray Cranberry, Sugar free tonic water

Milk: Fat Free Lactaid, soy milk, Fat Free ½ & ½, unsweetened almond milk, Coffee Mate original packets, FAIRLIFE LACTOSE & FAT FREE MILD(lowest sugar)

Protein Shakes:   Premier Protein, Muscle Milk light, Atkins Advantage, EAS Advant Edge


Artifical sweeteners: PURE VIA, WHOLE EARTH, Splenda, Splenda- Sugar Blend, Equal, Truvia, Stevia,

Olive oil sprays:(1-4 cal/spray) PAM, Bertoli, POMPEIAN(cooking & salads), Gourmet Mist

Butter substitutes: I Can’t Believe Its Not Butter, Smart Balance,

Mayo: Helmans Light May

Cereals:   Special K Low Carb (Blue or White Box ONLY), Go Lean, Cheerios, Oatmeal

Fast Breakfast:  Eggo Waffles, Lean Pockets, Jimmy Dean Muffin, Special K Flatbread Sandwich, Vita Sandwich Egg-N-Cheese, Smart Ones (ALL LESS THAN 200 CALORIES)

Fast Lunches:  Smucker’s Cheese Uncrustables, Lean Cuisine, Lunch-On-the-Go-Tuna

Protein Bars:    One Bar,Pure Protein, Quest, Detour, Atkins Morning Bars, Extend Bar, Russell Stover Sugar Free Bar, Think Thin Bar, KIRKLAND(Costco, cheapest bar)

Breads:   Natures “7” grain or “Sugar Free”, Pepperidge Farm Carb Style Thin Slice

 Wraps:  La Tortilla, Toufayan, Flatout Light Flatbread, Joseph’s Low Carb Pita

Bagels:    Bagel Thins, Weight Watchers Bagel

Soups:  Lipton’s Cup of Soup, Progresso light, Campbell’s Select Harvest

Ice Cream:  HALO TOP, ARTIC ICE, Prefer Frozen Bars, No Sugar-No Fat-100 cal. or less: Fudgsicles, Smart Ones,  Carb Smart, Breyer’s Double Churn 100 cal. cups, Weight Watchers Giant Fudge Bars, Skinny Cow, Healthy Choice, Yasso, Enlightened, So Delicious Dairy Free, Arctic Zero

VEGETABLE CARBS: Cauliflower rice and potatoes from Birdseye, Green Giant, Trader Joes, Zucchini Pasta, Zucchini & Squash fresh cut

Other Snacks:   PB2- powder peanut butter, MAXWELL HOUSE INTERNATIONAL COFFEES

Cheese: Polly-O, Alpine Lace, Jarlsberg Lite, Land O’ Lakes Snack-to-GO, Krafts Singles & Cheese Sticks, Laughing Cow, Swiss Knight, Cracker Barrel  Cottage Cheese, Breakstone’s, Light & Lively

Yogurt:  “Dannon Lite & Fit” Diabetic Friendly, YoPlait CARB, Fage Greek Zero Fat, Chobani 100, Oikos Triple Zero. No yogurts with fruit on the bottom or other added mix in ingredients.

Popcorn:  Redenbacker’s or Healthy Pop Mini Bags – 94% Fat Free, Skinny pop 100 cal bag, Skinnygirl popcorn mini bags

Pudding:   Jello, Kraft Sugar Free

Dressings:   Walden Farms “0” Sugar/Fat, Ken’s, Newman’s, Wishbone, Hidden Valley, or Kraft fat free

Alcohol:   Michelob Ultra, Rolling Rock Green Light, Budweiser Select 55, Busch Light, Miller Lite, low cal/low carb beers (less than 3 carb per serving), “Light Margaritas and Mojito’s from
Cuervo, Skinny Girl and others

100 cal Snacks:  Nabisco, Ritz, Snack Mix, Cheese Nips, Oreo, Keebler, Taste Delight (small bag), Chips, Doritos, Cheez-its, 100 calorie or less snack packs.




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