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Healthy Restaurant Eating Using the Lighter Menus- Miami, 2017

Miami Fl: Lighter healthy restaurant meals is the answer in 2017 to thousands of  South Florida residents who like millions of Americans fighting the obesity epidemic need to watch their waist lines. Miami is a restaurant town, many residents find themselves eating out much of the week and even more often during the holidays whether at parties or at restaurants. With more than 70% of families with two parents working in Miami, the  convenience of takeout and restaurants is obvious. While fast food is notoriously fattening, meals at chain restaurants can be worse  and much high in calories or carbs than  anything you might prepare at home. Many  nationwide chains have created healthier entrees to appease finicky eaters and calorie-counters. Among those with local branches in South Florida these three stand out:

  • Cheese Cake Factory has its “SkinnyLicious” menu with 50 meals under 650 calories.
  • Applebee’s has a lighter menu of meals “under 550 calories”  and
  • Chili’s offers “Guiltless Grill.”
  • Carrabbas offers their “Small Plates”

2017 Light-Healthy Restaurant Meals Guide for Miami and South Florida:

Light, healthy restaurant meals are possible with the spread of separate menus at many chain restaurants.  And because eating out is one of life’s great pleasures, I put together this guide to smart restaurant eating in South Florida. It ranges from undeniably healthy meals — with a rich variety of foods, heavy on fruits and vegetables, light on sugar — to fast-food meals that are at least better than the alternatives if you find yourself eating at McDonald’s.

Every lunch or dinner here stays under 650 calories — about one-third the number many adults should eat in a day — and many meals are well under 500 calories. (A burger and fries at McDonalds might be 800-1000 calories or more at a chain restaurant a burger and fries could easily exceed 1500 calories)

Most meals at American restaurants aren’t healthy. They’re packed with processed food and enough calories to cover two or three sensible meals.

Rather than searching thru item after item on a menu, here are restaurants who have a separate  menu with  “lighter” or “healthier “meals that are scattered all over South Florida for 2017. All of these restaurants offer entrees less than 650 calories:

healthy restaurant meals

Best Choices in Restaurants with Lighter Meals in South Florida for 2017: The Best of the Best:

Without question the best choice is Cheese Cake Factory which devotes a separate menu to its SkinnyLicious selections offering low calorie cocktails, salads, side dishes, entrees and even desserts. Perhaps they are trying to atone for 30 years of offering a menu with huge portions consisting sky high calories, fat and carbs. Chilis and Applebee’s are tie for second. Both have an applebees lighterfareextensive menu of lighter fare.

Even Italian food can be made healthy with the “small plate” choices at Carrabba’s Italian Grill where all entrees are less than 650 calories.

healthy restaurnt meal