Portion size key to weight loss and maintainence

Portion Control is the Least Appreciated Secret of Weight Loss

Portion control on autopilot means throwing out the scales, rulers and measuring spoons. There can be no doubt that portion sizes of foods and beverages have increased parallel to the increasing prevalence of obesity. And the portions sizes keep on growing. Everyday there is a new supersized deal out there that makes the supersized meal or beverage from yesterday look small. One would assume that at some point enough is enough. But there is no enough. It is outright scary to realize that all of these ever increasing food and beverage portions can never satisfy our cravings or our hunger.

The only tool we have to counterbalance this situation and to start to gain control over the amount of foods and beverages we consume is portion control. Yet, it has failed over the 20 years. But what is a person trying to lose weight to do?

portion control on auto pilot--Portion control made easy often involves using your hand, fingers, fist to estimate portions


Portion Control is Not Fun

Portion control is an often-overlooked problem for many dieters. The subject is neither trendy nor interesting, and is one that most of us try to avoid. After all, if we had the natural ability to control how much we eat of any one food or at a meal, we could eat just about anything.

Portion Control is not about measuring anything
Should we use a tape measure, a scale, a ball, or deck of cards to estimate the right portion sizes, or alternatively, count points or calories from labels and lists? All of these things have been tried and have failed. Even a diabetic, who’s very life depends on getting the size of their portions right, do fail more often than not. Its the rare diabetic who can get it right.

Portion control on auto-pilot- making portion control automatic

Portion control on auto pilot means to make portion control automatic. This starts in the supermarket by buying foods and beverages that have easy, automatic built-in portion control. All the menus in my diet plan, including all the shopping lists presented in the last chapter, are carefully selected for that kind of easy portion control:.
Avoid foods with difficult portion control like pasta, rice and potatoes
Focus where portion control is unimportant like salads, vegetables and fruits.

Portion control vs. Eating Less:


Portion control of on auto pilot

Portion control is not to be confused with eating less, or in some misguided weight loss attempts, even nothing. You will only lose weight temporarily unless you learn how to use portion control for maximum benefits and prevent hunger at the same time. Hunger prevention is to the weight loss doctor, what pain management is to the surgeon.

Portion Control Easy: Bariatric Surgery

One of the most effective methods for temporary weight loss is the gastric bypass surgery, where most of your existing stomach gets bypassed and only a very small pouch of stomach is left. This is nothing more than the ultimate, involuntary portion control. Patients that undergo this surgery do not have to worry about food plans –at least not in the first six to nine month after the surgery. Whatever they chose to eat, they simply won’t be able to eat enough of it in order to not lose weight. All of them will lose weight, regardless of their level of physical activity or what kind of food they will be eating. Yet after a year or two, 1/4 to 1/3 of the weight is regained.
Some researchers believe that portion control really is what makes the difference between obese individuals and people of healthy weight.Yet after a year or two, 1/4 to 1/3 of the weight is regained.

Counting Calories with The Eyes and Not the stomach

“The amount of food on a plate or bowl increases intake because it influences consumption norms and expectations and it lessens one’s reliance on self-monitoring. It seems people use their eyes to count calories and not their stomachs.”
–Brian Wansink, PhD (2005)

Underestimating Portion

People with weight problems notoriously underestimate their food intake and overestimate their exercises by 50%. They believe that they eat half of what they do and exercise twice as much. The inability of the so-called “diet resistant” patients to lose weight is clearly a result of this misconception of the amount of one’s physical activity and the real amount food intake. It has nothing to do with any “metabolism or thyroid problem.”

The Secret to Portion Control Begins in the Supermarket:

Here we divide our foods by the ease of portion control. Simply avoiding foods with impossible portion control is the first step.



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  • Elizabeth Mayhew

    I need to lose 30 lbs. I am 83 and the pounds keep piling on. I am 5ft and 150 lbs. Do you have a book?I live in N.C.. I am Andi’s and Jason’ s grandm a

    • Dr. Richard Lipman M.D.

      At 83 weight loss is very difficult because of your low metabolism, you need the help of a endocrinologist and weight loss physician in your area.

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