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New FDA Approved  Diet Medication for Fast Weight Loss

Regulation of body weight is controlled by multiple signals within and outside of the appetite centers of the brain. These signals tell us not only what and when to eat, but also how much to eat. These signals are influenced by both genetic and environmental forces, which are often beyond the control of the individual.  The abundance and easy access to high-calorie, extremely pleasing and inexpensive food have compounded the problem and has led to uncontrolled overeating that has become endemic in the U.S. and around the world.

The FDA has encouraged the development of new weight loss medications. The emphasis has been on discovering drugs with greater efficacy and less weight loss plateaus while, at the same time, having less side effects and restrictions than the currently available options. Traditional medications include phentermine, diethylproprion(Tenuate) and , phendimetrazine. These have been on the market for 40 or more years with use by millions of people all over the world.These FDA approved medications diminish appetite and cravings as well as increasing metabolism.

fda approved weight loss medications act on areas of the brainNewer medications include Qsymia, Belviq and Contrave. The usual weight loss experienced by most individuals is 2-4 lbs per week. The rate of weight loss depends on the starting weight, the age, gender and presence of any medical problems or taking any medication known to slow metabolism and thus weight loss. Weight loss without the medications is  about 50% less. Below is a typical weight loss program comparing placebo to active medication.

weight loss maintainers helped by appetite suppressors

Qsymia: First New Weight Loss Medication: Effect of Synergism

Medications that have had years of experience, such as the synergetic phentermine-topiramate combination in Qsymia, have been favored by the FDA. Synergism in medication is the combining of two different chemicals, each one affecting the target organ along a different pathway yet producing results greater than the sum of the individual components. In the case of Qsymia, great weight loss is achieved due to phentermine’s reduction of appetite combined with topiramate’s effect on cravings and satiety. This leads to increased efficacy with lower doses, often leading to fewer side effects.

Contrave: Second Weight Loss Medication: 2 Older Non-Weight Loss Medication Combined Together

Using the Qsymia model, researchers reviewed older generic FDA-approved medications known to have an influence on the craving and appetite center located in the hypothalamus of the brain. Medications associated with even minor weight loss were considered as long as the side effects were minimal. This search led to two older medications—bupropion and naltrexone. These are the components of Contrave.  There is almost a doubling of weight loss with the addition of medication.  Some of the medications can be extended and use for weight loss maintenance:

Plateaus which frequently occur in most diet plans after 10-15 lb weight loss can also be eliminated by changing the medications or increasing the dose depending on the individual.



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