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Drive Thru Eating: Impossible to Lose Weight

Drive Thru High Calorie Foods

No foods in America are ate so quickly and so brainless as fast foods obtained from a drive in restaurant. High in calories, fat and carbs, they quickly add to the calorie burden for the day. Converted into belly fat almost immediately, no weight loss plan is safe while eating these foods. There are a few good fast foods, but they usually are not at the drive-thru window.

The fact that almost everyone samples and often eats the food bought in a drive-thru as they are driving precludes most people from buying the lower calorie alternatives such as wraps. salads, chili or a baked potato since they are much more difficult to eat in a car, especially salads. This forces the customer at the drive in window to order the higher calorie foods that lend themselves more to snacking that can be eaten with their fingers. Try driving using a fork or spoon.

What can be easier and use less exercise? You don’t even have to get out of your car?

Its easy to order two double Whoppers, two double fries and an apple pie from the faceless person at the drive-thru, after all they could be for children in the back seat, taken home for the whole family or more often than not eaten by the driver. ( Calories in single serving: Double Whopper = 1020, 65 grams of fat, Fries = 540, 25 grams of fat, apple pie = 340 calories, grand total for the one meal = 1790 calories, and 104 grams of fat, which is the whole day’s food allowance for many children and teens.)

Best Choices at Fast Food Restaurants are found Inside the Restaurant:

The secret, like eating at home or in sit down restaurants, is to make better choices from all of the available fast food restaurants. There are many lower calorie alternatives to the burger drive-in. Switching to the alternatives foods ONLY ONCE A WEEK can save more than 700 calories a week, which translates into a 10 lb. weight loss over a year. Remember, this change is only one meal out of the whole week.

Highest calorie, fried finger food at Fast Food Drive Thrus


The first step in beating the odds at a fast food restaurant is to get out of the car and go inside:

Healthy Fast foods are found inside the restaurant

  • Nutrition information is usually posted on the wall.
  • There are more alternative choices on the more complete menus inside.
  • Most important you have as long as you want to decide what are the best choices for your family without having the car in back of you in-line start honking on the horn.

The fast foods to your right are often hard to eat while driving a car. Most are found inside the restaurant. Note they do not even appear on the bill board at the drive thru.

On many healthy appearing foods like salads, putting the wrong dressing or fried toppings can add hundreds of calories. Look for grilled toppings and low fat dressings.

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