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different types of eating patterns
Recognizing Binge Eating May Save Your Life Recognizing binge eating disorder maybe be a key to reversing the obesity problem of many people.  Binge eating disorder is a serious eating disorder in which you eat large amounts of food and feel unable to stop eating. Most people overeat at holidays or on occasions but when it becomes a regular concurrence it becomes binge-eating disorder.  One of... more »

sleep apnea keeps individuals and partners awake a night
Insomnia and Interrupted Sleep Leads to Overeating and Weight Gain What Is Insomnia & How It Causes Weight Gain?   Many people think the term “insomnia” refers to a complete lack of sleep. In truth, insomnia encompasses a host of sleep problems, including: Difficulty falling asleep Waking up in the middle of the night or non-restful sleep Early morning awakening Don’t Be... more »

Prescription medications causing weight gain
Why You Need to Entrust Your Weight Loss to Skilled M.D. Professional in Miami Medications prescribed for one problem often cause others. Sometimes the side effects from the medication can be worse than any benefits.  Weight gain is one of the most common problems from many medications.   One of one most important reasons for having your metabolic and weight problems treated by an... more »

thyroid weight gain signs
Do You Have a Low Thyroid Causing Problems Losing Weight? Thyroid weight gain is due to low thyroid gland function and is a common cause of difficulty loosing weight. Up to 300 million people suffer from an under active thyroid all over the world. In the US 4.6% of the population (5 out of every 100 people suffers from a low thyroid , and mounting scientific research links slow thyroid levels... more »

why am I gaining weight-most important causes of weight gain
"Cheat Meals" Have Huge Calories and Carbs Not losing weight? Due to cheating on weekend and dieting during the week. This  used to work a few years ago. The belief was that it was possible to watch your food and drinks from Monday to Friday, and eat what you wanted on the weekends, or at least one or two weekend dinners and still lose weight. That was when restaurant meals were not 2500... more »

3 Secrets of Fast Foods: Eating “On-The-Go” & Not Gaining Weight Fast food eating and weight loss is possible when better choices are made. Here are some of my ideas: The success of a  weight loss plan is to accept that, by circumstance of time, location, or even money,  one might end up in a fast food restaurant or having to eat while driving in their car. Just because one has... more »

fast food with highest calories
No foods in America are ate so quickly and so brainless as fast foods obtained from a drive in restaurant. High in calories, fat and carbs, they quickly add to the calorie burden for the day. Converted into belly fat almost immediately, no weight loss plan is safe while eating these foods. There are a few good fast foods, but they usually are not at the drive-thru window. The fact that... more »

eating in secret causes weight gain and ruins any attempt at losing weight
Binge Eating Variant: Eating in Secret Most people know or know of people who have the classic symptoms of binge eating. You may have seen them on TV or at the movies. Most are overweight or grossly obese as opposed to bulemics who are usually thin because of the purging after eating. Here are some of the criteria for the pure form of Binge Eating: Eating Large amount of food in short time ... more »

How Americans Fight Fat Infographic
Americans Are Attacking the Obesity Epidemic All Over the Country: See How The obesity epidemic is sweeping the world with more than 2.1 billion people overweight or obese. The USA leads the way with 34% obese and 68% overweight Both men and women worry about their weight and intend to participate in some type of weight loss program: 55% of women concerned with their weight 41 % of men... more »