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best cheeses for weight loss
Low/no  fat cheeses are good snacks--the protein makes them filling, they are  inexpensiv and easy to find in small portion controlled containers. There is a also a huge variety.  There are some products that can be left un-refrigerated for a day or two. Its all about making the best selection from the numerous choices. The Best Cheese Snacks for Weight Loss Cheese is often high in calories... more »

negative calorie foods
"Negative Calorie" and "Free" Foods Produce Fullness and Help Weight Loss Negative  and free foods calorie foods are great choices for weight loss. They are also termed  "zero or negative calorie foods", and "almost free foods" and help lessen hunger and cravings. The concept is that the calories in the food is less than the calories need to breakdown the foods in the stomach, transport the... more »

why am i gaining weight--remove the high calorie, high carb foods
Diet Plans: Avoid External signals Telling Us to EAT: Diet plans based on avoiding signals to eat are often the most successful. You do not have to go back to prehistoric times – just think of the 1940’s and 50’s to see the effects of external signals on eating patterns – fast food was virtually non-existent and food portions were smaller. The rapid increase in obesity is not due to any... more »

quick weight loss with drinking water
Quick weight loss in Miami involves drinking eater right before eating. Drinking water  helps reduce appetite only if it occurs withing 30 minutes of eating.  Most of us know that drinking water is healthy and many trying to lose weight carry jugs of water around with them all day. The issue is: Drinking water  helps  weight loss only if 30 minutes before eating. Some studies have suggested... more »

craving causing foods to avoid
Medical Weight Loss Secrets: Control  Cravings Medical weight loss focuses on control of Cravings.  Cravings are refer to intense desires or urges for a particular substance-a drug, alcohol, or a food, even in the absence of hunger. Obese prone individuals have a heightened awareness of food as compared to thin people. Hunger is that growling in the stomach when have gone long periods without... more »

fast weight loss watch the calories
Lose weight quickly is the goal of Dr Lipman's weight loss plan.   Numerous  weight loss studies show that  fast weight loss beats slow weight loss in long term goals and healthy outcomes. They found that participants in very low calorie diets(VLCD) with subsequent rapid weight loss had: No greater weight loss after 1 year than those involving more conventional low calorie diets(LCD) . ... more »

skipping breaskfast causes obesity
Breakfast beats exercise---“Going to the gym or breakfast” may be the choice facing some well intentioned dieters every morning. If you had only time for one of these, which would be more important?   The answer is clear, breakfast trumps exercise every day. How can that be? Why is breakfast so important? It can add calories. The answer is simple, if you look at all of the overweight people... more »

High calorie restaurat meals
Why Buffet & Restaurant Eating Can Lead to Weight Gain Whether it’s on a cruise, at a Las Vegas casino, or a wedding or simply on vacation in a large hotel, just the word ”buffet” should ring a warning bell in the dieter’s brain –DANGER HEAD.  If it’s not free it certainly is cheap and it’s very easy to overeat since you are getting such a great deal. More food for less money... more »

caffeine helps weight loss
Caffeine: America’s Drug Turns Healthy and May Help Weight Loss Caffeine is Helps Weight Loss and is healthy. Caffeine is America’s drug- almost 90% of Americans ingest caffeine in one way or another. Caffeine is Healthy There is no doubt of its effects on mental alertness and well being, but what about the long term. Is there a sustained, lifetime, benefit or harm from drinking coffee... more »

Portion size key to weight loss and maintainence
Portion Control is the Least Appreciated Secret of Weight Loss Portion control on autopilot means throwing out the scales, rulers and measuring spoons. There can be no doubt that portion sizes of foods and beverages have increased parallel to the increasing prevalence of obesity. And the portions sizes keep on growing. Everyday there is a new supersized deal out there that makes the supersized... more »