boosting metabolism for fast weight loss

BOOSTING METABOLISM is the first step on your first office visit with Dr Lipman. He will determine your BMI, Body Fat and Waist Circumference in order to focus on plan to get rid of excess belly fat. The second part of your office visit focuses on increasing fat burning by increasing metabolism. Dr Lipman will first measure your basal metabolism–the major component of daily metabolism.

Boosting Metabolism by Burning Fat for Energy

Your metabolism occurs at rest and when you’re exercising. Your metabolism is the missing piece to losing weight. Once you know how many calories your body actually uses, you can review some of your metabolism regulating factors including exercise, foods, medications, thyroid status.  The American Dietetic Association strongly recommends basing your energy needs on your resting metabolic rate. Weight loss happens when your calorie intake is less than the calories you use.The faster the metabolism–the faster the weight loss. Figure 1 shows the components of daily metabolism. A video of measuring metabolism follows:

boosting metabolismWhat is metabolism?  How Can You Boost Metabolism?

It is a set of chemical actions converting food and fat stores into energy. Metabolism determines how your body uses energy.  “Fast” or “Slow” metabolism, is your metabolic rate – the speed of your metabolism. We use your resting energy expenditure or REE- the total number of calorie your burn at rest. The total number of calories you burn is your total energy expenditure (calories you use at rest plus calories burned with exercise). REE accounts for about 70-85% of total energy expenditure. Basal metabolism is the calories you need to be alive–energy for breathing, for blood circulation for rain and gastrointestinal function.


  •   Increasing you energy expenditure by increasing physical activity.
  •   Increase calories burned when  digesting food by choosing “negative calorie foods.
  •   Avoid skipping meals which slow metabolism.
  •   Add metabolism boosting  medications.
  •   Checking your thyroid status: low thyroid gland function slows metabolism.
  •   Reviewing any prescription drug that reduces metabolism.
  •   Increasing muscle mass by resistance training increases metabolism.
  •  Caffeine such as in coffee slightly  increases metabolism.*Undoubtedly you will read many other foods, supplements,drinks that are “reported” to increase metabolism. Be careful, if a product increases you metabolism by 3 calories, is that really “real” and

How Dr Lipman Measures Your Metabolism?

Breezing in Action from Breezing on Vimeo.

When you know your metabolism-the calories you are actually burning, rather estimating it from a table, you can adjust your food intake, exercise levels and other factors for fast and healthy weight loss. Below are the components of your metabolism that can be measured easily. As you lose weight it is normal for resting metabolism to drop because not only do you lose fat, but you

discovering your metabolism on your ffirst office visit