Why Weigiht is regained after diet

Discovering the Causes of Your Weight Gain- The First Step

Why Am I Gaining Weight?  This is the question and answer you will discover in detail on your first visit with Dr Lipman. Dr. Lipman spends at least an hour with you determining the causes of your weight gain and designs a personalized weight loss plan with you.

why am i gaining weight--remove the high calorie, high carb foods

Please allow at least 90 minutes for this first consultation. Note that every office visit is with Dr Lipman–not a nurse, nurse practitioner or medical assistant. Return visits are scheduled every two weeks. These visits take 15 minutes. You are free to visit the office every week for a free “weigh-in.”

Do You Have Medical Problems Such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid?

Dr. Lipman will first review all of your medical history & complicating problems to discover any underlying metabolic problems. If you have medical problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease or thyroid problems, Dr. Lipman can still create a workable weight loss plan for you. Weight Loss medication can be taken with these medical problems including hypertension and hypothyroidism after all these are the problems that weight loss is most important. Often people with hypertension and diabetes can reduce or eliminate their medications with weight loss.

Obtain a Baseline Metabolic Profile: BMI, Body Fat

Weight Loss SoftwareYour personal information including food you eat, exercise, height, weight, age and gender are entered into a computer program. You will get a printout of your BMI, ideal weight, current calories, and the calories, carbs and protein intake you need to lose and then maintain your weight. An individual exercise plan is also presented.

Check Your Metabolism with Thyroid Tests, and your Blood Sugar, Fat, Cholesterol and Liver Function

Your metabolism is the key issue in any weight loss program. A complete blood analysis including sugars (glucose), minerals, cholesterol (good & bad), triglycerides, liver function, kidney function and thyroid function are obtained. Most important is the evaluation of your thyroid gland: low thyroid function is a cause of weight gain and especially difficulty to lose it. We will measure your metabolism with a TSH and T4 blood test. READ MUCH MORE ABOUT METABOLISM & THYROID FUNCTION

Why Am I Gaining Weight? Discovering Your Trigger Foods

Dr. Lipman will help you discover the most important reasons why you are gaining weight. During your hour long one-on-one consultation Dr Lipman will show you the 3 most important food/beverages causing 80% of your weight gain. You will see that a few simple changes in what you eat or drink can help you lose as much as 30-40 lbs per year. Below are the most important causes of significant weight gain:

why am I gaining weight-most important causes of weight gain

No Unusual Foods, Recipes, Cooking, Counting or Weighing

Your personal plan will not be a “diet” so there is no eliminating one food for another, no counting, no eliminating carbs, fats or protein. You will eat everything you like from foods that surround you all day.

Discovering the Plan for Easy and Permanent Weight Loss

Designed for the whole family, you will you use the same plan that thousands of people with problems similar to yours have used successfully to first lose weight, and then keep their weight off.

How Do I Find What’s To Eat?

Dr. Lipman has designed all the food choices in pocket size, colorful meal menus – one for each meal and one for snacks. They show you numerous choices, portions and preparations. Brand and product suggestions are presented on other cards.

What About the Rest of My Family?

This is a plan for the whole family, including spouses, children (as young as 6 years old) and teens. If other members of your family need to lose weight, you are encouraged to bring them in with you on the second visit. This free family consultation will include taking an eating history, discovering their diet secrets, and providing a food plan tailored to their individual needs.

Will I Be Given FDA Approved Prescription Weight Loss Medications?

This depends upon your individual medical history, how many pounds you need to lose, and if you are taking other medications that might interact or interfere with prescription weight loss medication. Read More about the weight loss medications that may help you.

When Do I Return for Follow-Up Appointments?

You are free to return every week to the office for a weight-in at no charge. You will be seen by Dr. Lipman every two weeks after the first visit.

Will Insurance Cover My Visit?

Most insurance does not pay for weight loss plans, therefore we do not accept or bill your insurance. We will supply you a receipt with a diagnosis in order to help you get reimbursed by your insurance. You may be able to obtain some of the laboratory tests through your insurance. If you have had an EKG and/or blood tests including a CBC, chem profile and/or a thyroid profile in the last 3 months, bring them with you and you will receive a credit. Ask about these services when making an appointment.