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Burning fat and increasing metabolism is the missing piece in many weight loss programs. The first step is to understand your etabolism: Why Its Slow and Hot to Boost It

Burning fat for energy (your metabolism)
Metabolism occurs at rest and when you’re exercising. Your metabolism is the missing piece to losing weight. Once you know how many calories yourmetabolism and measure it.

Metabolism: Boosting a Slow Metabolism

Metabolism is the calories the body actually uses, you can adjust your diet and exercise plan to reach your goals. The American Dietetic Association strongly recommends basing your energy needs on your resting metabolic rate. Weight loss happens when your calorie intake is less than the calories you use.The faster the metabolism–the faster the weight loss.

Metabolism: What is metabolism:
Burning fat and increasing metabolism is part of a set of chemical actions converting food and fat stores into energy. Metabolism determines how your body uses energy.  “Fast” or “Slow” metabolism, is your metabolic rate – the speed of your metabolism. We use your resting energy expenditure or REE- the total number of calorie your burn at rest. The total number of calories you burn is your total energy expenditure (calories you use at rest plus calories burned with exercise). REE accounts for about 70-85% of total energy expenditure. You can increase your energy expenditure by increasing physical activity. Calories burned for digesting food can not be changed significantly. Basal metabolism is the calories you need to be alive–energy for breathing, for blood circulation for brain and gastrointestinal function.


measuring metabolism; the components of daily metabolism

Why measure Metabolism?
When you know your metabolism-the calories you are actually burning, rather estimating it from a table, you can adjust your food intake and exercise levels for fast and healthy weight loss. Here are the components of metabolism. You can increase physical activity on your own. Some new weight loss medications can increase basal metabolism. Figure 1 shows the components of daily metabolism. 


 burning fat and measuring metabolism for fast weight lossBoosting Your Metabolism to Lose Weight and Burn Fat

Burning fat starts with determining your resting metabolism from the Breezing Measurement, You are in a situation where you can make some changes to increase your metabolism resulting in burning fat–even more. This will increase your weig ht loss and might help you if you have reached those dreaded plateaus. While much of your  is determined by genetics, age, gender, and body size, there are some changes you can make to speed up your metabolism. People with slower metabolisms aren’t automatically doomed to an overweight fate.

They can end up by increasing metabolism and burning more fat with some of these techniques:

  1. Stop skipping meals
  2. Have multiple protein snacks
  3. Have protein with each meal
  4. Eliminate more carbs
  5. Eat lots of foods that actually burn calories to digest like celery, broccoli, cucumbers
  6. Make sure you sleep for at least 7 hours a day or more
  7. Keep your home and office cool.
  8. Make sure you do some exercise daily, even 10 minutes a day.
  9. Never skip breakfast
  10. Some people believe that black coffee increases slightly.