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Why Fast and  Best Weight Loss?  People need the  natural reinforcement they experience when they get into clothes that they have not worn for years or spouses or friends tell them how good they look. There is NO evidence that slow weight loss keeps the weight off, in fact most people never finish.

How Can You Make Sure Its Healthy Weight Loss?  That's easy,see a board certified internist and endocrinologist (the medical speciality of metabolism, thyroid and the glands) like Dr Richard  Lipman

Can Anyone Lose Weight? Of course, I have treated children from 6 years old to men and women more than 90 years. Its never too early or too late.

Can You  Help Me if I have Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Low Thyroid  or Heart Disease? Of course, these  are the people who need it most, but NEED the greatest supervision. That's why you need a board certified physician with a lot of experience. As an endocrinologist I treat diabetics, hypertensives and people with high cholesterol all day--both thin and overweight. 

HCG Diet Plan. HCG is the hormone produced by pregnant women that mobilizes the fat to feed the fetus. Like insulin, this hormone has been produced artificially and when given to overweight men and women it produces large amounts of weight loss without hunger. It has NO side effects, so it if perfect for people with heart disease, history of strokes, etc. The food plan is very special. The HCG is taken by putting a solution under the tongue. See More about Dr Lipman's HCG Diet Plan.  

Richard L. Lipman M.D: 
Board certified in Internal Medicine, Endocrinologist & Weight Loss Expert, Dr Lipman has treated thousands  of overweight patients office for 25 years. Behind South Miami Hospital, Dr Lipman has authored 30 original medical reports & is on the staff of local hospitals.  More About Dr Lipman


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You can have a personal evaluation and treatment plan by Dr Lipman in his office in South Miami, Fl. Even if you live out of state, Dr Lipman can help you. Call His office at 305 - 670 - 3259.

buy miami diet plan
Dr Lipman Reviews his Miami 
Diet Plan on NBC TV
Dr Lipman Explains His HCG Diet Plan: The Natural Way to Lose Weight and  Increase Your Metabolism
HCG: Speeds Up Fat Burning 
& Your Metabolism
The Natural Weight Loss Diet

HCG,  (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a natural hormone produced in large quantities during pregnancy to ensure proper nutrients to a developing baby. ​HCG triggers the hypothalamus to mobilize stored fat into the bloodstream to be used as "food". It is believed to reset your metabolism and to protect your body’s good fat and keep muscle tissue from breaking down (which occurs in other low calorie diets without the use of hCG).

How long has hCG been used?
In the 1950’s, Dr. ATW Simeons began using HCG in  obese patients to decrease
appetite and observed weight loss and decreased inches around hips, thighs, buttocks and stomach. It has continued to gain in popularity as a successful, natural approach to weight loss. 
HCG has no side effects. 
Dr Lipman Before and After Winners on the HCG Diet  Before and After Winners on the HCG Diet 

Whether you have 10 lbs, 50 lbs or 150 lbs to lose, Dr Lipman, board certified internist & endocrinologist  can help you achieve your goals. He has treated more than 30,000 people with weight gain and slow metabolism even those with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease or slow thyroid over the past 30 years. Read more about Dr Lipman 

Every weight loss plan is built around the starting premise that no two diets are ever the same. Since everyone’s lifestyle is different; food tastes vary and the causes of the weight gain are different each weight loss plan is individualized. The first step plan is for you to recognize the most important causes of your weight gain and make a few simple permanent changes which will ensure that your weight loss is permanent.  Read about causes of weight gain.

Dr Lipman’s Miami Diet Personalized For You

Dr Lipman starts off by measuring your weight, height, body fat, BMI as well as metabolic rate. Comprehensive blood tests are obtained to see your metabolism and hormone levels. Being an endocrinologist he focuses on determining all of the causes of a slow metabolism. Read About Starting Your Diet  

Dr Lipman’s Complete Medical Assessment

Dr Lipman will personally help you chose the best diet plan for you. It might be low calorie/low carb Miami Diet Plan, his New 800 Calorie HCG Plan or his newest 2 Day a Week Diet Plan. Although each plan differs, all rely on  common everyday foods that are easy to find & inexpensive and can be eaten by the whole family just about anywhere. All of the food plans can be combined with the new or old weight loss medications as described below.    Take a look at the Food Plan.

Pick the Food Plan That Best Suites You

When indicated Dr Lipman prescribes medications that will help reduce your hunger, feel full faster, control cravings & anxiety related eating while speeding  metabolism. He prescribes the newly approved weight loss medications Qsymia and Belviq as well as the older diet medications phentermine, adipex, fastin, tenuate and diethylproprion for more than 30 years. These medications have been used safely for more than 50 years! Read more about Diet Medications.-

FDA Approved Weight Loss Medication Prescribed by Dr Lipman

Dr Lipman hears daily from people struggling with their weight, who exercise regularly, yet fail to lose weight. Often this can be due to the fact that exercise increases hunger and provides a justification to eat more. Your weight loss plan incorporates strategies to increase activity slowly for those who are not exercising and tips on how to manage exercise and dieting. For most of us changing our eating habits is often overwhelming and trying to incorporate a vigorous exercise routine leads to both a failure to exercise and to lose weight. 

Dr Lipman Encourages Activity & Healthy Exercise

At the very start of your weight loss plan choices are made to ensure that your plan is the very last you will ever need. The ultimate goal is to keep the weight off.  
Dr Lipman and his staff look forward to helping you get started, reach your weight loss goals and most important making Dr Lipman’s Miami Diet truly the last time you will have to diet again. For more information call us today 

Helping You Maintain Your Weight Loss is Dr Lipman’s Goal

More FAQ About Dr Lipman's Miami Diet Plan

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Richard Lipman MD Miami Diet Plan

Endocrinologist and weight loss specialist Dr Richard Lipman treats overweight and people with metabolic disorders in his Miami, Fl office. Lose 5 lbs per week with his new Miami Diet Plan and FDA approved diet medications.
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